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posted this on May-12 2010 18:28

Boxee allows the user to get digital entertainment from across the entire internet.  But, Boxee also allows you to block adult content not suited for all viewers.  To set Boxee to hide adult content two things need to be done.  First is to check circle next to "Hide adult feeds and applications" by going to:

Setting > Parental Control > Hide adult feeds and applications


Then, to stop the unauthorized changing of the above action, select "Set adult content lock" by selecting:    

Setting > Parental Control > Set adult content lock...


Enter a password of your choosing then select "Done" or hit enter.  Boxee will ask you to enter the password again, so do that and select "Done or hit enter again. 

Now, the only way to uncheck the "Hide adult feeds and applications" is to enter the correct password. A warning message will be displayed if the "Hide adult feeds and applications" circle is unchecked.  Selecting "OK" will allow for the password to be entered, but if an incorrect password is entered the "Hide adult feeds and applications" circle will remain checked.

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