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Setting Screen Resolution

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posted this on May-12 2010 07:01 pm

Since Boxee has been designed as a home media center, it starts in full screen mode the first time you use it. You can change this at any time by changing the resolution for Boxee on your display from the menu at Settings > Look & Feel > Screen > Resolution. If you have one display attached you will be given two options: Full Screen and Windowed. Select the option you would like to use, then select Test & apply resolution and OK


Setting up a Secondary Screen

If you have two displays attached, you can control the resolution for Boxee in your main, as well as your secondary display. For further information regarding running Boxee on a secondary monitor, please read here.

Set your display preferences to "extended desktop" on you computer.

  1. Run Boxee.
  2. Go to Settings > Appearance > Screen.
  3. For Resolution, choose Full Screen #2.
  4. Click on Test Resolution.
You can also toggle between window and full screen modes, by hitting the "\" (backslash) key.
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