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posted this on May-13 2010 12:20 pm

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One of the best options to operate Boxee is to use the Boxee Remote with the QWERTY keyboard. 

Although the Boxee Box comes with this new, really cool remote control, you can also purchase one separately to control Boxee installed on your computer. All you have to do is plug in the USB RF dongle that comes with the Boxee QWERTY Remote and you are ready for business.


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Damien K

When can I expect an update to make the play button on this remote actually work? I am very disappointed with the fact that hitting play does absolutely nothing - way to release a broken device and not fix it a year later. /fail

Sep-13 2011 12:02 am.
Reid Workman

You can buy the remote from Amazon here 

It's also listed at the top of the page too...

Aug-21 2011 05:39 pm.
Jackmaggie P

Lots of questions, BUT no answers

Jun-13 2011 04:14 pm.
Frayne Walker

I am having difficulty fast forwarding with the remote when I watch a tv show. Any ideas?

May-14 2011 08:39 pm.
Meni Bougiotopoulos

I currently use the iPod touch remote. It works great, but I don't want to dedicate my iPod as the full time remote. Will this official boxee remote with the USB RF Dongle work if the remote is not in the same room as the computer? My PC is in the basement with a HDMI cable running upstairs to the family room. Can I still use this remote with this set up? Or does the remote need to be pointed to the USB Receiver?

Feb-25 2011 04:54 pm.
turtleneck stove

Where can I get support on this remote? I bought one, and It works great with Boxee, except the pause/play button doesn't work.

Feb-21 2011 01:29 pm.
Jeffrey Nelson

What kind of unversal remotes does the boxee box support?

Dec-29 2010 06:27 pm.
Ryan Dobbert

Where CAN you buy this?

Sep-11 2010 01:22 pm.
Ronald Napoli

i downloaded the remote from itunes and all it keeps on saying is search for hosts


Aug-19 2010 11:28 am.