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posted this on May-24 2010 10:06 am

Searching for a TV Show, Movie, Music or App in Boxee is easy! Search is supported for Movies, TV Shows, Music and Apps and can be accessed from the left menu.

To search:

  • First go to the screen in Boxee for the type of media you are looking for(TV Show, Movie, Music or App).
  • Open the left slide menu and enter the search title or keywords you are looking for in the search box. Boxee will update the list on the right as you enter the search argument.
  • Once you see the item you are looking for in the right side list, you can move the cursor over to the item and watch the show.

Boxee will search your local sources any TV Show, Movie, Music or Apps and also go out to the internet to seacrh for online TV Shows and display the results.

TV Show Search

   (local and online)

Movie Search

  (local and online)


Music Search

      (local only)

Apps Search

(Boxee and installed repositories)

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