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What is Boxee?

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posted this on Jun-01 2010 07:54 pm

In short, Boxee is a home theater social media center. But, for many people, that doesn't say much. Boxee is a software program that you install on your computer that allows users to watch internet movies and TV shows, listen to online radio and music, play your local digital music and movies, and much, much more. Boxee is diverse in its functionality, and continues to evolve as developers create new applications to explore the expanse of media on the world wide web.

But isn't there hardware, too?

Yes, it's true: Boxee, the software company, has hooked up with D-Link, the hardware company, to produce The Boxee Box. You can learn more about the Boxee Box here.

What are some examples of the internet movies and music I can play?

With each passing week, the internet content Boxee provides continues to grow. To give an idea of what's available, users can watch movies on Netflix, internet radio on LastFM and Pandora, and TV shows through NBC, FOX, and ABC. You can learn more here.

 How do I turn my computer into a "theater" system?

Well, that's difficult to say: every computer and TV has different attributes that make it difficult for us to write an end-all-be-all tutorial. Roughly stated, users can connect their TV to their computer, buy a PC remote control, and watch Boxee from their couch.

Is there an introductory video I could watch?

Of course. There's a slick "HowTo" video here on

Anything else I should know?

There's a lot you should know, but there's not enough room here. Continue to browse this support site, or visit the Boxee forums -- our online community would be happy to help. Lastly, you can also read a little bit more on what's Boxee in this great New York Times piece or in another one by the New York Post.




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