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Why can the Boxee Media Manager not find my files on Windows?

Boxee Docs
posted this on August 08, 2011 11:39 am

Please make sure the Bonjour service is enabled.

1. Open up the control Panel, go to Administrative Tools.
2. Find the “Services” section.
3. In the Services application, right click “Bonjour” and click properties.
4. Click “Start” to enable it.


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Gerardo Tiburcio

Once I shared a folder all I can see is more folders underneath that one (if any) but no media files.  I have both bonjour and boxee media manager authorized by the firewall. 

December 08, 2011 12:48 am.
Alan Smith

This solved the problem for me:

October 31, 2011 04:22 pm.
Lynx Cub

The comments below don't indicate if they are going from a Mac, to a windows shared folder/drive than out to an iPad. (my setup).  What I did to get things working, I created an AppleScript to mount the windows (SMB) shares with a command like 

  • mount volume "smb://usernamer:password@WindowsPCnamel/volumename1"
  • mount volume "smb://usernamer:password@WindowsPCnamel/volumename2"
  • delay 11
  • tell application "system events"
  • tell application "Boxee Media manager" to activate
  • delay 1.5
  • end tell

Then put it into auto run properties.  What this does for me is it connects to the Windows Shared folders, waits 11 secs to allow the connection to happen, then runs the Boxee Media Manager.  Also, if your mac sleeps, and you wake it up, it doesn't always restart the connections, so this forces it to re-establish them (after you rerun the script).  Hope this helps someone...

September 27, 2011 06:21 pm.
chris eisbach

I can get the system up and running, and it works for a while, but then the Boxee Server disappears from the iPad app.  If i then run Discover or something, the Boxee bonjour entry does not show up.  If I stop Boxee Media Manager and restart it, it works agina for a little bit.  Only a reboot allows me to get through 1 show.  This is wore when I try to fast forward through a show. 


Any ideas?  I have uninstalled and reinstalled bonjour and BMM

September 15, 2011 01:09 pm.
Raffa Edwards
You will need to enable local network access for "bonjour" through you window's firewall. Also if Apple TV is involved you must also open port 5353. See Apple Support details.
August 18, 2011 01:23 am.
Graham Lauren

Me too. There is nothing I've seen so far in my experience that shows that Boxee works. The desktop app on the PC is the ugliest least usable piece of shit I've seen in recent years. I don't know what they were thinking when they wrote its interface. 

August 12, 2011 09:05 pm.
Christoffer Bergfors

I tried this and I still can't see anything on my iPad. I reload etc. but still nothing.

August 11, 2011 02:44 pm.