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New firmware available - (Aug 8)

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posted this on Aug-09 11:14 am

New firmware is available to download or you can manually update it from here.

New Features / Enhancements

Networking & File Playback
  • Added support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
  • Added support for Network File System (NFS)
  • Enhanced support for SMB/CIFS shares
  • Added support for Boxee Media Manager
  • Consolidated network shares under the server name

  • Ability to filter premium content sources like Netflix, HBOGo, VUDU, etc. in library
  • Reordered Apps library
  • New “Featured Apps” section
  • Updated App categories
  • Support for seek within a video on first right/left click (when OSD is still not open)
  • Seek forward is now 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds
  • “Jump to letter” sidebar in libraries now shows current letter location

  • Improved HTML 5 video support

  • Resetting display settings leaves previous setting data intact
  • Add support for HDMI output YUV422 and YUV444
  • Add support for HDMI output 30 and 36 bit color
  • HDMI “Black Level” settingnow RGB “High and Low”

Bug fixes
Networking & File Playback
  • Problem with manually resolving a movie that has NFO file
  • Fixed adult filter for local content in manual resolve
  • HLS Playback ends abruptly
  • SMB: boxee crash when selecting "No results found"
  • "Resume playback from [end of video time marker]" shows up on videos that have been previously played all the way to the very end.
  • When trying to play a movie again after it ended the play dialog offers to resume the movie from the movies last second
  • Soundtrack loses Dolby Digital indication every 10s, without any relation to commercials spots
  • SAMBA Authentication to Servers Accepting NTLMv2 Only Fails
  • Boxee doesn't resolve TV Shows with ID located only in the tvshow.nfo
  • .m2ts Thumbnails Are Gray (When Viewing In Files)
  • After clicking play (from paused state) the OSD should immediately disappear
  • TV Show files that are deleted aren't removed from the library
  • Video file playing across network stops playing
  • Video files containing "@" in the file path are not identified

  • Videos on Vimeo do not play. and the device has to be restarted manually
  • Vimeo - couch mode freeze after 10-15 minutes of playback, also freeze for a long time between videos
  • API Command SeekTime() is not working

  • SnagFilms Documentaries playback stops prior to loading 2nd commercial
  • Local TV shows take an extremely long time to load
  • Watched TV Show Trigger not working
  • Unable to remove a show from favorites when there is no content for the show

  • Default focus when getting to exit confirmation in browser should be Exit not Stay
  • HTML video tag causes page redraw issues... until video starts playing
  • crashes boxee browser
  • CNBC online video does not play
  • will not open in the browser

  • Localization: GERMAN Replace "Bewertung" for MPAA-Rating with "FSK"

  • Various Fixes to minimise Plasma Burn in
  • Additional Keyboard names are not according the languages names but only in English (using the directory name)
  • Increase subtitle sync limit from 50 to 200
  • Boxee Box appears to be clipping black & white levels

Known limitations
  • Streaming to the Boxee client via Airplay from the app is limited to online content (cannot steam local content via Boxee Media Manager)


Comments latest first

Bryan Hicks

I too, am one of the people who have had their Boxee "bricked" or "frozen" from this latest update...

It won't even allow me to reset my system to factory specs or even get into the service menu by holding the power button for 6-10 seconds.

All I see is an annoying Green Red Red Red flashing when I turn the unit on.  Has this latest update fried my machine?

Nov-03 2011 11:53 pm.
Steve Hallwood

I have notice audio issues and continues crashing on screen saver...  I going to attempt to roll back

Oct-29 2011 09:58 am.
Peter Murphy

Same problem ;atest update as of 10/26 crashed my unit, flashes fro mlog screen to logon ion an endless loop. How to I fix this?

Oct-26 2011 06:41 pm.
dan stamper

This latest firmware completely bricked my unit. It first started with the update "failing" and going in to the error log upon reboot. It would do the flash 3 red 1 green. I then went in to recovery mode and restored from factory default. It worked for a day...but it would never index my SMB library. Then I came home to the unit locked up with a black screen. I had to force reboot it and then it started back in to that failed firmware screen (3 red 1 green flash). Now it will not even boot in to recovery mode. 

I have been singing the praises of boxee for over a year telling all my friends and family what a great box this is. But I was wrong. I have had to mess with this thing way too much for it to be a good product for any consumer. Please quit effing with your customers and get solid firmware before pushing it to your customers. I'm extremely disappointed.

Oct-16 2011 11:06 am.
Justin Scanlon

this latest firmware that I just updated causes my Boxee to get to the login screen then quickly flash back to the boot screen in an endless loop...this is some Quality assurance team you got Boxee.  


Please help,



Oct-15 2011 11:41 pm.
User photo
David Cahill

No ExFat support....Seriously? I just spend literally 28 hours copying 1.5TB of all my media from different sources and I plug the disk in to see "Disk Attached"...then nothing. :(

Oct-14 2011 08:27 pm.
Humberto Higuera

There's actually some info in ...  Seems more like a users forum anyway, although it appears there's Boxee people also involved.

Anyway, I'd expect more "official" announcements here!

Oct-14 2011 12:40 pm.

Have this firmware update even been tested before it was released...This feels like a Beta version.

Now the problem, UPnP does not work any more and its not like its that hard to test.

If something has changed in the way of permissions needed from either router or file share server where is this information located. It would be usefull if a link was provided with the firmware release notes so the users (your costumers) have a fighting chance of actually getting our product (that we PAID MONEY for) to work...

4 starts for effort

0 for testing and support (you should be ashamed)


Oct-14 2011 11:58 am.
Kim Kitzman

Tried update and is very slow for playon. Went back to version that work with playon.Hope they get the network upnp to work for playon soon.

Oct-14 2011 11:46 am.
Ryan Wells
This unannounced update ( seems to have fixed my smb nas access. Anyone else?
Oct-14 2011 12:29 am.
Ryan Wells
This unannounced update ( seems to have fixed my smb nas access. Anyone else?
Oct-14 2011 12:28 am.
Humberto Higuera

i just turned my Box on and got a new update but I don't see any updated new here in the web page!  Is that correct? There was no way to avoid the update .... luckily seems to be working...

Oct-13 2011 05:41 pm.
Kristy Fogle

Just  downloaded the latest update, and now my Boxee keeps flashing back and forth between the Boxee screen with the big Boxee head, and a brief shot of the loading logging in screen.  I've powered it off, and tried again, but same thing. I can't even log in to view anything because this cycle never stops.  Please help.

Oct-13 2011 12:21 pm.
Humberto Higuera

Never mind!  When I got home I checked and the update is already installed. I tried it and works fine including NFS!



Oct-12 2011 09:48 pm.
Humberto Higuera

I really appreciate both your answers... just one additional  thing: how do you block updates to the Boxee in your router? Is it a specific port blocking? I guess outgoing traffic has to be blocked to prevent the Box to go to internet for an upgrade, but... what specifically? 

Oct-12 2011 02:46 pm.

For HH,     The link I used to get the previous OS is no longer available to me without some fiddling with my router.  I used the info around the Aug 14 date in this blog to download the OS and then set the specific blocks in my router.  If you have the OS saved and secure (I have a copy on a hard drive and another on the USB stick I used for the restore), then reverting back and forth should not be difficult, only tedious.  Once the OS is booted, either version, the first thing it does is look for an update.  If there is internet access, or if the update is not blocked, it will download that before looking at your files.  If you have custom identification on any files, this will need to be redone.  As I said, tedious, but not difficult.  Just be sure you have a valid copy of an OS that works.  I do not know if the OS in the boxee can be copied as is.  In theory...     Good luck

Oct-12 2011 02:39 pm.
Ryan Wells

I have rolled back one of my boxee's to the previous firmware and blocked updates from my router. My second boxee I left on the current version to work with boxee support. I was able to access my media via SMB using the IP of the server instead of the name. I am still waiting for a fix from my support ticket.

Oct-12 2011 01:49 pm.
Humberto Higuera

Thanks h....  I really need this update because of the NFS feature

I'd like to try it. Can you confirm that going back to previous version is not a problem? Also, do you know of a link where I can download previous firmware versions?

Oct-12 2011 01:45 pm.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have gone back to the previous version and I am staying there until there is an upgrade to the upgrade.  I did try this    I lost all contact with my files immediately and was stuck in some loop of permissions denied.  So, as I said, when there is an upgrade t the upgrade, maybe.

Oct-12 2011 01:19 pm.
Humberto Higuera

I was thinking on upgrading my Box but was hesitant because I saw so many complaints.... but could it be that it is now more stable? (no more complaints since Sep 19th)  How come???

Oct-12 2011 11:46 am.
Dean Stelfox

BOXEE TEAM - you may be technical whizzes but unless you communicate to your customers (a simple "we're working on it" will suffice) you will loose many, many current and future customers (and their friends and family too). 

When the Boxee Box works your customers are evangelically positive about it.  When it fails (and you fail to address issues) your customers are vehemently negative about your product.  Forgot expanding app services, stop patting yourself on the back for a cool oddly designed box and nice little remote control.  If you don't communicate to your customers properly you will be finished. 

This is a basic, basic lesson in business. -  If I was Dlink I'd be mighty pissed at your approach to customer service.

My issue is Boxee Box not accepting SMB user name and passwords from any of 4 separate NAS boxes.  This is not a permissions issue in Windows 7 or anything else.  Everything worked fine until the last firmware update.  Please publicly acknowledge this problem and let us know you are working on something - even if you haven't a clue at the moment we'd still like to hear you say something.

One last thing, when you do get it fixed, make sure the next firmware allows users to turn auto updating on or off.  Customers that have purchased retail units do not want to be part of your beta testing program.

I know this is a rant, but quite frankly, you deserve it.

Sep-19 2011 02:11 am.
User photo
Rich Ackerman

If you have purchased one of these boxes and it is returnable, return it. This is the worst product I have ever purchased in several decades of electronics.

Sep-16 2011 08:43 pm.
Greg Geary


This is a followup comment.

It's been weeks since the update. The boxee box still goes blank between menu switches. Some apps work, some just hang with the circle timer. But the MOST frustrating thing is the inability to successfully browse my Win7 media server, either with upnp, smb or through simple network share. In fact, I've only connected to my media library once out of 30 or so attempts, and that resulted in the corruption of my media library database, rendering it useless for my other PCs and my Macbook bro. Since I prefer to stream most of my media from a central server in the house, this is more than frustrating, as this was the prime reason I bought the boxee box. Pretty much the only thing I can do is play Pandora and a few other apps, like weather. Yee haw.. I have a $200 Pandora streamer that I can check the weather with. 

The really shocking thing is the utter lack of comment from the boxee team, or recognition that people are having problems.

If they have made an attempt to rectify or communicate their plan, I have yet to see it. I'm very disappointed, and I can see a lot of (formerly)faithful customers are as well.

So sad.

Sep-12 2011 10:04 pm.
Patrick Patrick

I just bought a boxee and it can't play anything in netflix?!  I can access netflix and browse but it fails anytime I try and play anything.

Sep-12 2011 09:41 pm.
User photo
Pablo Benitez

Actually the problem became very annoying after a while, entering in a loop restarting session every 20 second and no stopping.

Sep-10 2011 02:24 pm.
User photo
Pablo Benitez

I have this issue quite often now, when opening apps the user session seems to be lost and after a black screen of 2 second and the boxee goes to the main screen. Other than that the images appear to not be loading.

Sep-10 2011 02:15 pm.
User photo
Joseph Jozwik

The scanner does not appear to be scanning or finding anything on my NFS. I am assuming SMB is the same. 

I can still manually add movies

Sep-10 2011 12:15 pm.
Mariano Fernández

Hey, I used to be able to access my DNS 323 files directly, now I have to log in every time, it is very annoying.

Sep-10 2011 09:43 am.
tim jacobi

This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't access any of my local media anymore. I want either a fix or the old firmware back. How do I fix this boxee????

Sep-07 2011 08:34 am.
Ben Hughes

I have been considering Boxee for quite a while and this week I decided to get serious, however after reading this thread I will not be using Boxee.  It is perfectly normal for new releases to have some issues once it is pushed into full release, but it is highly disconcerting that the Boxee support staff is not addressing these issues.  

It may be that Boxee is working on these issues, but if that is not communicated, then users will simply get more frustrated. Communication and expectation setting can go a long way to build loyalty.

As an outsider looking in, Boxee is not ready for prime time - I can handle the challenges that come with using ver 1.0, but this lack of communication is a red flag for me.  There appears to be more serious issues here.

Sep-06 2011 05:43 pm.
dennis persson

Can ANYONE please help me!!!

I bought my boxee 3 months ago and I got the latest update . After that my boxee reboots almost all the time just loops and restarts itself.

I tried to clear all cache and cookies and also flash. I tried to reset all the settings in the menu. A have tried this with ALL the cables of expect for the power and hdmi cable.

I read how to do a factory reset but that doesnt work either!!! I hold the start button in for ten seconds and when the Boxee starts up i just keeps blinking in red and green colours and the screen shows loading. I let it be for about one hour but nothing happened. 
So my BIG question is: What the *?$£@ do i do now!

I havent seen ONE single comment from the boxee team about this update that many people seems to have problem with. 
I feel cheated and is thinking of return it to the store.

Thank you for your help!

Sep-05 2011 12:31 pm.
Sergey Maysak

I have controversial experience with this update. Some really important for things for me were fixed and made me happy, but several new issues raised that I however workarounded.

Update from usb was straightforward. smb sharing from my TimeCapsule works fine for me (I use pretty simple setup with guest read-only access for everyone without usernames/passwords).

From my "new fixed things" - improved seeking as well as chapters selection in streamed mkvs.

From my "new issues":

- all my .m3u files stopped to play with error "CPlayListM3U::LoadM3uFile - EXTM3U tag not found (m3u)"- workaround - add to m3u file first line containing #EXTM3U

- I noticed that BB is very busy most time with resolving several local movies on my Time Capsule - this process run periodically making video playback choppy and any app ui very slow. workaround (not really elegant ;)) - i moved all unresolved avi files from source folder to another location and BB become alive in UI and video playback.

Hope this will help to somebody...

Aug-30 2011 03:15 pm.
Nicolas reichenbach

i cant still use my upnp device in a normal way since i have installed this new firware, as i have everything on, my boxeebox is unuseful. !

View all the bad comments, could we expect an answer from the boxee Team ? or a firmware with nothing new but with the bugs fixes ?

I m waiting for your answers...... (im on the way to regret my "old" emtec)


Aug-30 2011 12:36 pm.
Dennis Madison

I don't know why I'm so lucky, but everything is working perfectly on my system after the update. Actually it's working better since I used to have some issues with the sound on Netflix no working unless another app played sound first.  Now Netflix plays properly first time.

I have two 2TB hard drives hooked up to the BB, the BB is fed through my Yamaha receiver via HDMI cable to my plasma.  My BB is hooked up to the net using a wired connection.

Aug-29 2011 11:23 am.
Manny Crespo

useless loops

1. get more better paid developers, your hopeless to date

2. stop trying to make money and start building a reputation or at least trying to get some rep back

3. if your from where I understand your from and from the background your from it doesnt surprise me:) penny pinchers


Aug-29 2011 11:18 am.
User photo
Jabbs Lad

Since this update all my +720p rips are running in Jerk-o-vision on my Boxee box, they keep stuttering and seem to have a low frame rate. This issue did not happen on the same movies prior to the update. Please fix Boxee

Aug-29 2011 08:38 am.
Vitaly Birbraer

Confirm. I have no any problem with device and new soft, but one very major with menu button. Did some one expirince the problem like this? When you press menu button on the remote the device just reboot. I have to use remote control for my IPod! :) 4 days as ticket with "zendesk" has opened! No any reaction from support! 2 days as ticket with Dlink opened! :( No any response! Customer support on low level! So sad!

Aug-28 2011 06:34 pm.
Dag Rune

I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. I haven't experienced any problems since the upload. Knock on wood! I'd only gotten it about a week before the updates.

Aug-28 2011 02:25 pm.
Greg Geary

I'd like to register a strong "ME TOO" with these fine folks in this forum. Opened boxee today to watch a movie with my girlfriend, did the update, and BLANK screen.. totally friggin hosed and very very frustrated. Lovely FORCED update. do I now spend hours troubleshooting and reloading firmware to try to get this thing working, or do I just reset to factory default and eBay this thing? Nothing but problems since I bought it. I cannot recommend to friends and family. 

If boxee will respond with a fix quickly, it MAY change my mind.

Signed one very frustrated customer, greg geary 

Aug-28 2011 11:18 am.
Matt d

new boxee owner, and I have had nothing but problems. Everything from the box crashing, apps not loading, and specifically missing netflix app. It's amazing all of the reviews of the boxee were great and now I can see that it is just another doorstop. If anyone has any tips on how to get netflix app back, please let me know, I've tried everything including reverting back to factory default. At this point, I'm ready to send this thing back to where it came from.

Aug-27 2011 12:44 am.
Mohiuddin Ahmed

Can anyone tell me if they are having a problem getting their external hard drive to show up on the Boxee Box File Menu?  I have just purchased one of these Boxee Box today after selling my Asus media player but when i connect my external hard full of video's that worked with the Asus media player, the Boxee Box does not even show that it is connected to the box when it is actually?  The hard drive is USB powered and it is working as the LED light is lit up on my external 250gb hard drive from Seagate which is a GoFlex model but nothing on the Boxee's menu show the files?  When i detach the hard drive from the Boxee, a message comes up on the screen saying i have detached a storage media???  I am not very happy at all, does anyone have this problem?

Aug-26 2011 05:34 pm.
Vitaly Birbraer

Just bought the device and got new firmware After reboot everything works grate, but any time and anywhere, when i press menu button, the device just reboot. I have opened a ticket with support. Waiting for response. Not really sure if this software issue or just broken device. Any opinion?

Aug-26 2011 10:03 am.
Nicolas reichenbach


After updating my boxee, i can't access in a normal way to my upnp device (synology DS211j).

Have to wait more than 15 min. to access to my file !!!!

I downgrade my boxee and it works fine...BUT...every time i start it reload this new dam my boxee become to but unuseful !!

Hope there a new GOOD upgrade very soon.

Aug-23 2011 01:02 pm.

This is rubbish !!!!

After watching a clip via UPnP I have to reset the wireless connection to be able to browse folders.

Can't skip forward/backwards anymore.

Have no means of blocking forced upgrade, so even after reverting back to previous firmware I get "blessed" by 1.2

I really hope there is a new upgrade available soon !

Aug-21 2011 07:10 pm.
User photo
Paul Krabbendam

Having read all the problems people are experiencing with the latest firmware from August 8, I have followed the advice regarding disabling the screensaver on the Boxee Box.

So far this indeed does seem to work - I have had the Boxee Box switched on for a full evening, and it is has not updated. The box does state that there is an update available, and that it is downloading it but it does not install it. When I turn off the box, it gives me the option to update or to go to sleep - and when I select the latter, no update is taking place as next time when I boot up the box it is still on the previous firmware version.

Aug-21 2011 05:04 am.

Hi Guys im way with you on the Boxee Team to place in the ''Do not update'' option in the setting,

But i followed fellow Boxee Guru Dennis Dein , to block update site , Block the addresses "" and "boxee.iso" in your router.

Now it doesnt force update anymore , Thank u Dennis !!!

Of course Guys u have to place the old great firmware/iso in first, then block it from updating !!

Aug-20 2011 07:56 am.
Robert Whittington

The latest update may not be perfect, but at least, now I can play ALL of my ripped DVD files. (They played fine on a D-Link DSM-520 but about 20% had problems with Boxee)

Aug-20 2011 02:07 am.


Aug-19 2011 09:17 pm.
Peter Rainey

It's 6 days since I was FORCED to update and still a blank screen Boxee, I'm very frustrated. After countless attempts(hours) with the help of Boxee support to get some sort of output no closer to success.

My only glimmer of hope was reverting back to the previous 'working' firmware version until this new 'broken' update is fixed.

The pain continues...  I did manage to load old firmware using another TV BUT it is still FORCING me to update. PLEASE Boxee developers turn OFF this FORCED update.

So very disappointed, I love the Boxee and had raved about it to all I know (egg on face now).

I would have been happy to stay on previous firmware until latest is fixed but even that is not possible. So I have a Boxee Brick.

Aug-18 2011 05:30 am.
Mohammad Sheikh

@Michael Williams

Its definitely an update issue (I also experienced the movie hanging part) and the issues you have pointed out were not prevalent in the previous firmware. Please be patient - I'm 111% convinced the Boxee staff is working on a solution. Let me also assure you that there is nothing better than a Boxee Box in the  whole wide world!

Aug-18 2011 04:44 am.
Mohammad Sheikh

Anyone experiencing movie hangs? I was right in the middle of a movie and the screen froze. Tried fiddling with the remote but it didn't do anything. Turned the Boxee Box off manually, turned it back on and tried accessing the same movie again. It wouldn't even bring up the Play option; rather, the loading icon kept spinning and obviously to no avail. I was so sleepy by then that I didn't bother trying after 2-3 times.

I really think there is something seriously wrong with this update and this is evident from the numerous comments here from Boxee users. I truly feel Boxee staff should address this issue at the earliest so that the wonderful experience everyone was having comes back...

Good luck Boxee staff I know you can pull this one off veryyy veryyy soon :)

Aug-18 2011 04:27 am.
Frank Jackson

why is a update being auto forced that is not  better than the previous version... This truly sucks will not access any media server on my computor...... it will not stream any video media.....would like to go back to the older version... how can I do that also how do I stop these update to be mandatory installs  so that I can read about them first before I choose to install or not

Aug-17 2011 06:26 pm.
chris last

I upgraded to the new firmware the day that it came out.  The only issue that I've had is that the icons/thumbnails for apps/movies/anything visual don't show up.

For instance, on the app's screen, only about 8 of the apps actually display their proper icons.  The rest of the squares just have the loading circle spinning.  This is a persistent issue not just on the app's screen, but also on the home screen (only 1 of the 3 popular items will show an icon), as well as when I view the media that's stored on my NAS.

Prior to this update, I'd never had any issues.

Aug-17 2011 12:22 am.
Michael Williams

After update, when playing MKV files (streamed locally from an NAS), media player locks up randomly after ~30-45 minutes (I have yet to view an entire video).  Also, login rejects my password, even though it is input correctly -- I have to reset password every time to get in (and then try to never log out).  I have also had the box lock up randomly while browsing the UI.

I just purchased this device (Boxee Box), and have to say that it shows such promise, but it is beyond unreliable.  I have ~40 days left to return, so I can only hope for a timely bug-fix firmware update.  I can't believe the apparent sloppiness of this software.  This is the worst I've ever personally experienced (in a commercial product).

Aug-16 2011 12:16 pm.

Hi Boxee , the August Firmware , is causing MKV dropouts....

Is there a way to stop forcing an update on us on the Boxee Box
eg Place  Options in the the Setup menu ''  automatically update firmware'' & ''manually update'' ?
Is frustrating when i do not want Boxee to decide for me to force update itself ..
Aug-16 2011 07:36 am.
Mohammad Sheikh

True the SMB wouldn't work (all movies on my 2TB 3rd GEN Time Capsule wouldn't play). So I deleted/removed my Time Capsule as an source altogether and added it again as an AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) source, rescanned it (of course reorganized the unidentified files too) and it worked like a charm..

I guess this would work as a solution to those who have a Time Capsule hooked up to their Boxee and are unable to access the movies etc anymore.

Aug-16 2011 02:33 am.
Dennis Dein

@Troy Vander Noor...  I agree with your sentiments.

Aug-16 2011 02:31 am.
User photo
Jeff Steinhauer

i reverted back to the old 1.1 version and now it works like before.  What i found is when you plug in the ethernet cable the screen goes black. I confirmed its a firmware issue once i downgraded and it started working. had to plug/unplug the hdmi cable to make it work through the process...very disappointed. i can't believe that my ethernet connection causes this problem....

Aug-15 2011 10:32 pm.
Troy Vander Noord

@ Dennis Dein

Can I suggest that perhaps what might serve the young team at Boxee well is a simple courtesy message to say that they are acknowledge that the latest update has bugs and that they are working on providing a fix?  And is it possible that they might put the old (working) firmware back up and "force" the subscribers to use that whilst they are working on a fix?

I understand that things can go wrong, but it would take 5 minutes to post a message to all of us users to keep us in the loop.  Communication is key to growth of a small business like this, and the longer they take to post a simple message like this, the more damage they do to their brand as people post their experiences onto forums like this and many others.

Aug-15 2011 07:58 pm.
Dennis Dein

@Jill Hoskins... Happy to help out, and it's good to see you are back on the air.

Don't give up on Boxee yet!  I have been playing around with Boxee and "the others" for a few years (PC versions) now.  The Boxee Box is by far the best network media player at this time (believe it or not) and it has the potential to become much better.

The group of people (I refer to the Boxee Team, NOT D-Link) working on this project are a dedicated team. In all of the time I have been hanging out here, I have learned that they are a very interested in what their customers have to say and they really do listen and attempt to make things good once they are aware of the problem.

This is a young company that is trying to totally change the way we watch media on our TV's for the better. No small feat given they are up against some stiff competition... the cable company's, the TV networks, and "the other's".  

Aug-15 2011 06:04 pm.
Jill Hoskins
@ Dennis Dein -- you are a Boxee GOD!! Thank you so much for your suggestion to reboot. That fixed my problem! I'm not overly computer-savvy, but this was a very simple fix. I would recommend doing this for anyone out there who is just having the login-loop problem. Thanks again! It'll be interesting to see what Boxee has to say about all this! Might be shopping for a Roku soon......:-)
Aug-15 2011 05:43 pm.
Dennis Dein

@Justin Taylor...  I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble, but if you are referring me as the "nice person from your support team", you've got it wrong.

I'm just another user like you.

I was just trying to help out my fellow Boxeee users with the any information I could share to solve the problems they are seeing with this release.

As you can see, some users are having success with the suggestions I have shared.


Aug-15 2011 11:06 am.

Blessings on Dennis Dein!  The combination of the reversion to the previous version and the screensaver stop and the router filter did the trick.  (the 14th 5:10pm) Your kharma for the coming month is sky high. 


In the process, I found my router wants to upgrade...               At least it is't forced.

Aug-15 2011 09:38 am.
Peter Rainey

@ Dennis Dein - I tried many times since Friday to get Boxee into Recovery mode following publised instructions. No menu appears on screen... just a black screen. Boxee logo turns light orange. So where do I turn now?

I'll logged a support ticket but after 4 days it still is waiting to be assigned! Very disappointing response from Boxee full stop.

Aug-15 2011 04:02 am.
brian samander

Mine upgraded a few days ago with no issues.  Suddenly tonight it lost its internet connection.  I logged into my router and expired its IP, rebooted the boxee and it came back online. Decided to share just in case it can help someone else.

Aug-15 2011 02:06 am.
Justin Taylor

Dear Boxee,

You have got to be joking me!! This is complete amateur behavior.

As you can plainly see from comments from many people on this post and the forum posts, your updates are doing nothing but causing problems. I've been pretty fortunate until now, but with the 1.2 'upgrade', both my Boxee Boxe's have become expensive paper weights.

First, I can't connect to any of my SMB shares on my Windows Server. Nothing wrong with the server by the way, because the other 20 devices in the house that connect to it that are not made by you work just fine. Just Boxee

Second, I see that a nice person from your support team recommended that we "Reset All Setting", with a friendly reminder that that is an extreme option. Now I can't login. It keeps saying that the password is incorrect. Well it's not.

So now here I am at 10:30 at night downloading the old version of the OS from your server so that I can at least get the boxes back online.

Here is a recommendation: STOP FORCING ME TO UPDATE. That is the most childish thing I've ever seen. Even the Dark Empire, Microsoft, doesn't pull that anymore. You know why they don't? Because they are liable for forcing someone to do something that cause problems. See, they lost enough customers, and got sued enough by angry consumers to finally realize that they shouldn't do that. Perhaps you should learn as well. DO NOT PUSH ANYTHING OUT. Advise us and we will do the same thing we do with SP's from Microsoft, wait until it's been out a while to see how bad it is and wait until you work the kinks out.

Aug-15 2011 12:30 am.
Dennis Dein

Good to hear you are back up and running.

I agree with you, this last firmware certainly has caused a problem for many users. Hopefully this will be (another) wake-up call to the Boxee Team. Ya just can't release software in this condition and then not to offer a solution.

Glad I was able to help out although all I did was read what others have done and pass it along.

Aug-14 2011 11:15 pm.
Bill Beauvais

Reverting back (following the posted instructions) to the old firmware did the trick.  I can now see my shared files again.  Thanks for the tips!    

I hope the Boxee folks post a repair (or at least a response) soon, they should have a busy Monday.   The Boxee Box is great, but it's not going to last long if people can't use it off the shelf.

Aug-14 2011 11:03 pm.
Dennis Dein

@Jill Hoskins... Fortunately, I am not seeing these issues.  HOWEVER, many users have lost at least partial use of there Boxee Box's because of the last firmware update ( There seems to be a wide range of error situations... SMB shares, login problems, black screens, etc, etc.  

Over on the Boxee Forums  a few people have had success work around by booting into the Recovery Menu and then selecting "Reset All Settings".  NOTE: This WILL reset all of your settings in Boxee Settings, etc. Do this only as a last resort if you have allot of "tweeks" to your Boxee.

If you choose to do this:

  1. Power down the Boxee Box.
  2. Power up the Boxee Box by pressing and holding the power button for 6-10 seconds. Upon release, the Box will boot with the logo turned orange.
  3. After the Recovery Menu appears, select "Reset All Settings" and allow it to complete.
  4. Restart the Boxee Box.


Raboo, drwinston001 and others on the Boxee Forums have done this to resolve their issues:

     How to revert to previous Boxee Box firmware version

  1. Download the previous Boxee Box firmware at . The downloaded file will be named boxee.iso, and that name must be maintained.
  2. Block the addresses "" and "boxee.iso" in your router or use a service like OpenDNS to block it. Because D-link is still forcing the 1.2 update. OR, I believe you can alternately turn off the screen saver(this blocks the auto update, too.)
  3. Copy the boxee.iso file to a thumb drive. Make sure to properly eject the flash drive after copying the file.
  4. Power down the Boxee Box.
  5. Power up the Boxee Box by pressing and holding the power button for 6-10 seconds. Upon release, the Box will boot with the logo turned orange.
  6. After the Recovery Menu appears, connect your thumb drive to the Boxee Box, wait 2 seconds, then select Upgrade from USB from the menu, and follow on-screen instructions.

Please note that this quick fix is probably not supported by D-link. However it works for me. After this downgrade i was able to access my Windows SMB shares again.

I hope this help you out.  Good Luck!

By the way, what level of Boxee Box hardware do you have? I am almost certain there are at least 2 "versions" of the hardware that have been shipped.

Aug-14 2011 05:10 pm.

Got Boxee working again on wired win7 x64 home prem. BTW there is no option for  "Local Security Policy" on winows home premium.

First did a factory reset. After reboot, I turned off boxee before setting it up, and did a manual update from a flash drive to Another reboot. Then I first went into general settings and turned off the screen saver so boxee won't update. Then set up smb, and bam, boxee was working again on the first try! D-link sucks for pushing out crap 1.2 firmware. I've spent many hours on this.

Here's the forum link to where darci shows how to download old firmware.


Aug-14 2011 04:14 pm.
Jill Hoskins

@ Dennis Dein - do you have any suggestions for those of us who can't even get our Boxee out of the log-in loop of black screen, Boxee logo, blue screen with Logging In (but the little circle is not circling), & repeat?

Aug-14 2011 04:05 pm.
User photo
Jeff Steinhauer

i upgraded to the other day. I went to use Boxee today and could only get a black screen. The Boxee light was green. I tried to reset, as most do - system booted, came to the Boxee splash screen with the Boxee logo then the screen goes black.

I tried unplugging and reapplying power - no change. I checked the HDMI cable - no change. I UNPLUGGED MY ETHERNET CABLE DURING BOOT AND IT COMES UP. Of course, Boxee color is yellow.....

Went to plug the ethernet cable back in - nothing happens for about 3 seconds. The Boxee goes green and my display goes black.

Ok, seriously - anyone able to reproduce? Is this for real?

Aug-14 2011 01:34 pm.
Dennis Dein

I have updated my Boxee Box to the latest firmware ( and have not seen these problems. However, Rafael [Boxee] over on Boxee JIRA bug tracker site says to try the following:

* Suggested Workaround 1:
Enable guest account for this share. enable the share to be accessible by Everyone.

* Suggested Workaround 2: (BOXEE-10633)
Please try to change the compatibility level of NTLM security at your server.
Open "Administrative Tools" > "Local Security Policy"
Browse to "Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options"
Change the value of "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level" from
"Send NTLMv2 response only" to
"Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated"

* Suggested Workaround 3: (BOXEE-11098)
see if removing special characters (non alphanumeric, for example @#$%,&) from the password workaround this issue

* Suggested Workaround 4: (BOXEE-11079)
Add the workgroup or domain name to the username value. for example WorkgroupName/UserName

Aug-14 2011 11:12 am.
Kim Frederiksen

After update, my .mkv's (both 720 and 1080) suddenly stops in the middle of playback and returns to menu. This wasn't the case prior to update. Unfortunally the Boxee Box doesn't create an errorreport when this happens. I've tried resetting the Box to factory defaults, but to no avail. This is really frustrating, please help.

Aug-14 2011 09:20 am.
Gary Rexford

Videos now are displayed in a 4 sq inch box in the lower right corner of the screen.  What gives?

Aug-14 2011 07:54 am.
User photo
Christian Møller
Im no longer able to access my Windows 7 shared or synology nas (smb) .... Crappy!
Aug-14 2011 07:23 am.
Rod Gray

No sound after the update. Video files are on a network drive and streaming to 360 is okay and no sound problems, however after most recent update, no sound at all when trying to stream them through Boxee Box. 

Aug-14 2011 06:55 am.
Dag Rune

It works ok for me. Couldn't access my shared hard disc on Win7 at first, but after rebooting it works fine. The only objection is the reaction time. Boxee seem to be slower and hangs a lot. Like a slow PC...too much to think about during each operation.

Aug-13 2011 06:31 pm.
Bill Beauvais

Has Boxee commented on any of these complaints since the upgrade (I can no longer see any shared files)????

Aug-13 2011 10:42 am.
Jill Hoskins

I, too, just uploaded the latest upgrade, and am stuck in the login loop.  Looks like it's back to the internet until Boxee gets this fixed.  Hope they're reading this comment board! 

Aug-13 2011 08:50 am.
Sune Maaholm

Hi Boxxe

after the latest update

all my movies (iso) on my HDD with DTS sound will not play sound? (picture and subs are okay) Most frustrating :-( 

Movies with Dolby 5.1 has no problem with sound.

Did burn one of the failing ISO files to DVD and played it perfectly on my PS3, so the problem is not the file.

How can I fix this or ?



Aug-13 2011 07:10 am.
Ryan Wells

I can no longer play from my nas after this update. Can we get a response from Boxee please?

Aug-12 2011 11:19 pm.
Troy Vander Noord

I have the same prob as 'h" .... I no longer have access to ANY of the files on my NAS! .... can someone from Boxee at least acknowledge that there's a problem that they are now working on?

Aug-12 2011 11:15 pm.

Mine just went into an endless login loop after this upgrade, what can I do?

Aug-12 2011 10:55 pm.

What gives?!?  After this forced upgrade, I no longer have access to ANY of the files on my NAS!  Boxee can see the NAS and the Media directory, but nothing in it.  There are thousands of files in there.  What do I do to get it back?

Aug-12 2011 09:11 pm.
User photo
Hans Mestrum

Vimeo does not work

uzg in bartstv in bartsidee rep does not work

unindentified files not indentified with .nfo file in same directory

Aug-12 2011 01:58 pm.
Henrik Samils

Used"PS3 Media Server 1.31.0 Beta 1" As server until this upgrade, after that the Boxee could not detect the server anymore.

Aug-12 2011 01:03 pm.
Peter Rainey

Help! I've been enjoying my Boxee Box until tonight just was forced to do upgrade to and just splash screen then blank screen then after about a few minutes the green logo goes orange. Found manual update instructions but it won't go into recovery mode. So a brick.

Aug-12 2011 10:03 am.
Samer Haddad
Lost the ability to search for subtitles from opensubtitles, that was the greatest feature of my boxee box.... Please bring it back
Aug-12 2011 12:44 am.
Ken Bartlett

MD5 won't help you. It's not a file corruption issue. The firmware is bad, I have tried reloading reinstalling over and over. Worst of all, the only way to get my boxee box back to seeing network shares at all, SMB or AFP is to revert to the orginal shipping FW 0.9.XXX, I cannot find a version of 1.X.X to dload and manually apply. If you update from the shipping fw it brings you right to this version and back into the problem.

Let's just say "Enhanced support for SMB/CIFS shares" Ha yeah sure

I have never had even so much as a hicupp with any of the boxee updates - this comes as a shock to me. I hope Boxee resolves this in the next few days.



Aug-11 2011 11:42 pm.
Same for me. Got the forced update and now I cant play video off my pc. Worked fine just min before update. I tried various settings in the setup section, nothing worked. Realy pissed at boxee. Makes me want to throw it out and set back up my wdtvlive. Anybody got a solution?
Aug-11 2011 10:20 pm.
Ricardo Garcia-Jurado

After updating, I can no longer play files that are shared from a Windows 7 computer on the network.. Used to work perfectly.. Sigh..

Aug-11 2011 09:08 pm.
Ramsey Wiggins

After update can't access my network. Asks for password, but won't let me in.  Have changed password, but to no avail. I bought this damn thing to play computer files through the TV, but now I can't. Is there any way to undo the update? Worked fine before.

Aug-11 2011 05:39 pm.
Eric Ziengs

ARGH! after the update I get the intro, then the boxee logo, then it tries to log on - goes to black screen and then the logo again - logon attempt,  black screen and so on.

How to fix? This is just annoying, don's send buggy updates out!!

Aug-11 2011 02:15 pm.
Ry Blaisdell

Ok, this is really annoying.  I bought my brother a boxee box and it's been working fine.  Now after this last update it won't connect to a network.  "Unable to setup wireless netowrk please check your passowrd and try again"  well I am damn sure what the password is.  I returned it for a replacement at Fry's and the same damn problem exists!... A little help please.

Aug-11 2011 01:12 pm.
Murad Rashid

missing  Netflix, HBOGo, VUDU, etc. in library! 

Aug-11 2011 10:18 am.
My Boxee

Workaround found: resetting all settings in the recovery mode, made my boxee box boot up again...

Aug-11 2011 07:11 am.
My Boxee
The automatic upgrade failed, see previous comment. Now I have upgraded manually via a USB stick, but still I only get a black screen! Next try is to find a iso file with the last version, that worked...
Aug-11 2011 06:09 am.
m m

BBC iplayer is missing

Aug-11 2011 06:05 am.
My Boxee
After upgrading, my boxee box doesnt start.... It shos the splash screen and then ... Nothing but a black screen. How do I downgrade to a previos, working, version?
Aug-11 2011 05:40 am.