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posted this on November 16, 2011 02:36 pm


Will Boxee Live TV be available outside the US?

To begin with, Boxee Live TV will be available in US & Canada only.

Does Boxee Live TV have a DVR?

No. The focus of Boxee Live TV is well… Live TV… There’s already millions of people who use Boxee to get the majority of their entertainment from the Internet.  Live TV is meant to augment what they’re watching from the Internet with live sports, local news, special events, and the latest TV show episodes via broadcast/basic cable.

Will Boxee Live TV work with Boxee on PC/Mac?

No. Boxee Live TV is made to work solely with the Boxee Box.

Will it work with Iomega TV?

No. It will only work with the Boxee Box.

Will the Boxee Box support other TV tuners?

Not at this time.  This specific tuner has been customized to work with the Boxee Box.

Does Boxee Live TV have closed captions?

We understand how important this is and it is on our list of things to address.

What signals is Boxee Live TV compatible with?

Boxee Live TV works with signals from HDTV antennas (using ATSC) or an unencrypted cable connection (using ClearQAM). The included ATSC digital terrestrial antenna can be used within 10 miles of an ATSC transmitter.

Can I get channels on NTSC?

No.  Boxee Live TV only supports digital over the air broadcasts in ATSC and unencrypted cable signals in ClearQAM.

Will Boxee Live TV connect to my cable box?

Boxee Live TV supports unencrypted cable channels using the ClearQAM standard. If you get basic cable channels from your cable provider you will be able to connect the coax cable coming out from the wall to Boxee Live TV.  A good way to check is to simply connect your coax cord from the wall to your TV directly.  If you get channels that way, you should receive those same channels on Boxee.

How can I know what channels I’ll get?

Visit  Click “Choose an antenna”, input your ZIP code, hit continue, and you’ll see channel listings in your area.

Other resources:

No reception? No problem!

If you don’t have reception in your area you may not be ready to cut the cord, but you may be able to give it a serious shave.  Call your cable company and ask for basic cable.  That would be a service level that includes the local ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC stations (and some others) and should cost you between $10-$20 depending on who is your cable provider.  You will not need a set-top box.  You just take the coaxial cable and connect it to the Boxee Live TV dongle and you should get the basic channels with no reception issues.

Do I have to connect with Facebook and share what I watch?

Sharing what you’re watching is completely optional.  If you opt-in to passive sharing via Facebook, whenever you stay on the same station for more than three minutes Boxee will update the Facebook Ticker.  To toggle Facebook sharing on and off, open the channel listings, then press left and click the sharing icon.  And if you do leave passive sharing off - you can always use Boxee’s share feature while any video is playing to actively share something on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Will Boxee Live TV share everything I watch to my Facebook Timeline?

No.  We have taken great care when designing the service so that you can share what you watch without causing all of your friends to block you.  Boxee will post to the Facebook Ticker if you’ve been watching for three minutes.  After watching a third of a show it will appear on your Timeline.  So when you’re flipping channels, we will not SPAM your Timeline with a channel-surfing party.  And if you stay on the same channel for more than an hour, Boxee Live TV will stop publishing watch actions until you change to a new channel.  (This way, if you forget to turn it off, we won’t fill your timeline with every show that comes on while your’e away.)

How is this different from Google TV’s support for TV?

Google TV’s set-top box requires you to connect it to a cable/satellite set-top box.  It does not have a TV tuner built-in.

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