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Connectors and Indicators

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posted this on December 02, 2011 04:45 pm

Connectors and Indicators

Rear Panel

  • Optical digital audio (S/PDIF) - Outputs optical audio signal. Connect to a receiver using an optical audio cable (not included).

  • Composite audio - Use for composite/RCA audio connection; connect to red/white audio input jacks on the TV.

  • HDMI connector - Use to connect the Boxee Box to an HDTV or high definition home theater system. Outputs standard, enhanced or high-definition video plus multi-channel audio (surround sound).

  • Ethernet port - Use for wired network connection (Ethernet cable not included).

  • USB 2.0 ports - Use to connect an external USB device to the Boxee Box.

  • Power connector - Always connect the included power supply when using the Boxee Box.


Front Panel

  • SD card reader - Use to read from a SD card.

  • Power button - Press and release to turn power on or off.

  • Boxee LED - The LED color provides status information.  Use the chart below to determine the meaning of the color.

LED Color Status/Description
Dark green Normal running with no media playing
Dimmed green Boxee is playing media or in power saving mode
Yellow/orange No Internet connection or Boxee is in the recovery menu
Red/green blinking Update failed due to a bad Internet connection. If this happens hold and press the power button for 5 to 8 seconds to enter the recovery menu. We recommend selecting the factory restore option and following the on-screen instructions.
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