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Boxee Box Remote Control

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posted this on December 03, 2011 05:43 pm

Boxee Box Remote Control

One of the most innovative features of the Boxee Box is the included remote control. The Boxee Box remote has two sides. One side has the video control buttons and the opposite side has a full QWERTY keyboard. To navigate and control media playback use the front side of the remote. Use the back side keyboard to enter text like search terms or web addresses.  The "Enter Button" is also referred to as the "OK" or "Select" button.  The "Menu" button can be referred to as the back button as well.

If you are having trouble with the remote, please try replacing the batteries and pair it with the Boxee Box again.

Also, if you own a smartphone, you might be interested in some available smartphone remote control apps.




How to use the Boxee remote?




  • Move the cursor using UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.
  • Make a selection using SELECT .
  • Go back to previous screen using MENU.

During Playback:

  • Control volume level using UP and DOWN.
  • Show the OSD and make selections using SELECT.
  • Skip using the LEFT and RIGHT.
  • Hide the OSD using  MENU.

The On Screen Display(OSD):

  • View the OSD by pressing SELECT.
  • Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to navigate through the playback controls.
  • Make selections on the OSD using SELECT.
  • Hide the OSD by pressing MENU.


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