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Personal Media Files and the Media Library

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posted this on December 13, 2011 05:41 am

Personal Media Files and the Media Library


How do I add files from my computer to the Boxee?


Boxee offers several ways to browse and play your personal media files that are saved on your computer or NAS device. One option is to use Files from the Boxee home screen , the other one is to add it as a File Source. Boxee will add the files to your media library, fetch the cover art and the information for the content and organize it for you.

Within Files, you can browse the shared folders from your network, UPnP devices available on the network, or the contents of external USB devices connected to the Boxee Box. You can also access the Music and Photos sections from files.

NOTE: For easier and faster access you can use the search option, for more information review this article.

Adding Media Source

Media Sources are folders, volumes, or shares that Boxee scans for media content to add to Movies, Shows, Music and Photos. You can add as many sources to Boxee as you like from an attached hard drive or your network, and you can make them as specific as a single folder or include an entire volume. If the media you want to share is on a networked computer, make sure it's located in shared folders you can access. If the media source is on a Mac computer, you can add it with AFP, for Linux Boxee supports NFS.

Here's how to add a media source:

  1. Press the Back button on the remote control to display the Menu Bar.

  2. Press the Down to move the highlight to the bottom menu .

  3. Highlight the gear icon and press OK to access settings.

  4. Select File Sources from the settings menu and press OK.

  5. Add Sources will be highlighted. Press OK, choose the protocol you want to use in order to add the source (AFP, NFS, UPnP, SMB, Local).

  6. When Boxee lists the available shares, highlight the one you want to add and click into it, then click on Add this directory.

  7. Highlight the media type you want Boxee to look for in this directory and press OK.

  8. Select the type of scanning you want Boxee to use and press OK. Select Never if you do not want Boxee to scan the content in this source (the recommended scan interval is daily).

  9. Highlight Add and press OK.

The directory you have added will now appear under Files. After Boxee has scanned the contents, the identified media files will also show up under content search and also will be added to the correct location under Movies or Shows (In order to view just the local files use Movies/ Shows -> Files)


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