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posted this on Sep-19 2010 06:15 pm

 Platform Independent

 Apple Mac

Boxee Web Remote 0.4

A remote control for the Boxee Media Center

Web access to control Boxee from another computer (platform independent) on the same network can be done with the following application developed by third-party developer jeffehobbs. Once installed, just enter the network address of the machine with the Boxee software that you would like to control, such as


Boxee Remote 1.2

A widget available for download from the Apple Dashboard Widgets web page.

A simple widget remote control for Boxee. Built in are some simple media controls: pause, stop, skip ahead, skip back. As well as volume and navigation controls. You must have the web server enabled in order for it to work. As well as be connected to the same network as the machine running Boxee. You’ll also need the Host Name of your computer running Boxee as well as the port the web server uses if it is not the standard 8800. It uses the XBMC HTTP API and currently works with Boxee Beta.



Using a web browser 'remote' is a great way to control Boxee! Web browser 'remotes', require the machine that Boxee is installed on to be on the same network router(Wireless or Ethernet) as the controlling computer. Boxee also needs to have its web server enabled to communicate with the computer that is going to control it.

To do this go to the Boxee Home Screen, then go to:

Settings > Network > Servers 

  • Check the circle next to Enable webserver and remember the value of Web server port (default is 8800). The Web server port will be needed to set up the connection to the web browser 'remote'. When on this screen you may also set the Web server password if you choose to have one.
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