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How do I protect my privacy on Boxee?

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posted this on Oct-18 2010 09:12 pm

First off, Boxee does not show your files to others. What it will do (according to your privacy settings) is show them the name and web location of a movie, show or song that you have been watching or listening to, IF you choose to SHARE it.

We at Boxee care a lot about your privacy, so here goes the explanation on what's being shared, and what isn't.

You can actively set privacy settings in two different locations (with two different meanings):

  • When pointing Boxee to your media files (or editing a media source), you can tell Boxee that a specific source is "Private".  Boxee will not include that source in the scanning process. This can be done by going to Settings > Files Sources.
    • The settings on this page will tell you WHAT has the possibility of being SHARED.
  • On your account page at the Boxee website, you can set / select WHO is "following" you. 
    • This is WHO sees whatever you SHARE.  Note that you can block specific users following you. To read more about the following concept, click here.

Apart from that, Boxee will NOT be able to retrieve metadata for media files that it can't recognize. That means that if you're playing a media file from a location on your hard drive or network which isn't defined as a source (through the "Files" option), then Boxee won't be able collect metadata for the file.

The same goes for local pictures (Boxee doesn't "know" what your pictures are, and therefore can't find metadata for them) or home videos - anything which doesn't appear on a public pictures or movies database Boxee can compare to. If you watch a picture from picasa or flickr, or a public video you've uploaded to YouTube it WILL show on your feed, since those are public anyway.

NOTE (PC versions only): The default media folders of your operating system (for example Windows' "My Pictures", "My Music" and "My Videos") are automatically added as sources on Boxee, and Boxee starts scanning them.

Again, home videos and photos will not be "recognized" since they do not appear in any database that allows Boxee to actually "know" what these files are, so Boxee will not 'add' any information(metadata) to these types of files.

If you want to make sure how others view your activity, you can log into the website and click on Home > My Activity to see your activity feed, which is what's being published to whomever you let see your activity.

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