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posted this on Nov-04 2010 04:57 pm

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Watch what you want. We get it – you want to the freedom to watch whatever you want on your TV: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, but also any other video that is available online. You want to do it without having to connect a computer to your TV or use a keyboard and mouse. We’re all over it. The Boxee Box by D-Link: watch, organize, share – you are now in full command of your TV for the first time. No rules, no contracts.


Installation & Setup

Local Files



Using the Boxee Box

Watch Later
Shows (out for edit - please see this)
  • Internet Source
  • Local Source
  • Managing Show Favorites
  • Sharing / Recommending a Show
Movies (out for edit - please see this)
  • Internet Source
  • Local Source
  • Sharing / Recommending a Movie
Apps - (out for edit - please see this)
  • Managing App Favorites
  • Managing Third-party Repositories
  • Where can I get some repository addresses?
Files (out for edit - please see this)
  • Local Photos
  • Local Music
  • Local Movies
  • Local Shows

Social Networking

Boxee Applications (APPS)


How to create and send a Debug Log
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