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posted this on Nov-05 2010 10:07 am

Welcome to BOXEE!

Congratulations on selecting the Boxee Box as your choice for your media center! The Boxee interface has been designed from the beginning to be viewed on your TV. You will get the most enjoyment from Boxee viewed on a large-screen HDTV while you sit on your couch with a remote control. We hope your Boxee Box brings you hours of enjoyable media viewing from the vast and growing selection of media from the internet. Click on the video to the right to learn how to get started with Boxee.




Boxee Box Features

Boxee offers a whole new way to play your local videos and music as well as the ability to go out to the internet, search for your favorite TV shows, movies and videos, and then display them in a way that is very appealing to the eye and easy to navigate. Boxee also brings some new and exciting social networking aspects to viewing media.

Installing your Boxee Box

Your Boxee Box is easy install. Please use the Install Guide that came with your Boxee Box. In minutes you will be using Boxee and beginning to learn about all it has to offer. All that is required is the very capable Boxee Box, an HDTV, and an internet connection.

Boxee requires registration at the Boxee website.


Playing Internet Media

Finding media on the internet is one of Boxee’s most powerful features. Let’s say you are interested in watching some shows from the last season of ‘Lost’. All you have to do is click on Shows from the Home Screen. Boxee will present you with the TV Show Library. ‘Lost’ is a popular show so it will be near the top of the list.  Click on the ‘Lost’ icon, select the show you would like to watch, then select Play.

Adding more Media Sources

If you have more media to add from another computer or hard drive on your network, Boxee makes it easy to add those sources and have them all show up in the appropriate place in Boxee. You will need to make the sources available on your network by setting up a share for the source on the computer where the source resides. Once that is done, go into Boxee and select the Files icon, browse through your files until you find what source you shared.  SELECT it, then SELECT the PLUS icon in the upper right corner and enter the information about the media source. Boxee will then scan through the added media, find fan art, thumbnails and other metadata so your media can be presented to you with rich content.


Boxee has many Apps that have been designed for specific purposes, just click on Apps from the Home Screen. There are dozens of Apps with a wide variety purposes. The list of Apps continues to evolve and grow. Browse through the App Library or bring in an App from a 3rd party repository to personalize your Apps screen.

Playing Local Media

Finding your media in Boxee is very simple. Let’s say you have some movies stored in your My Videos folder. To view the movies in Boxee just click on the Movies icon on the Home Screen. Boxee will display all the movies it has found from your My Videos directory. Select a movie to watch and then select Play. Boxee works much the same way for your Music and Photos, just click on those icons on the Home Screen


Thank you for reading this guide. We hope this helped you to get started with Boxee. There is much more for you to learn about Boxee and all it has to offer. Please read through the User Guide. It goes into much more detail on how to set up and use Boxee. If you still have questions or are experiencing problems, the Boxee Forums are a great resource to resolve problems and get answers to questions you may have. Still having problems, need more help, need to report a problem, then feel free to open a support ticket. For general inquiries you can email, and if you have a twitter account, you can follow and contact us over there as well. We also invite you to read Our Team Blog and drop your comments on our posts.

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