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posted this on Nov-07 2010 11:21 am

While you are watching a video, there are subtitle settings that can be adjusted.

  • To adjust settings while watching  video, click/select the 'gear' icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • After selecting Settings, a group of settings will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • To adjust the video settings select Subtitle
Select gear icon for Settings
Select Subtitles


  • A new drop-down will appear with the settings that are available for subtitles settings
  • In the drop down you will find:
    • Enable subtitles - Checked(default) - Toggle check box to enable or disable subtitles.
    • Subtitles offset - 0.0(default) - The amount of time in seconds the subtitles is offset from the audio.
    • Subtitle - Select the subtitle you would like to display
    • Browse for subtitle - browse and load downloaded subtitles
    • Subtitle charset -Select the the subtitle character set
 Subtitles drop down


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Robert bennett

Im new to Boxee and just about to buy the standalone boxee system now if i have to switch off subtitles every time i play any film its going to drive me mad - please note we dont all need subtitles on , im going to cancel my order for the boxee and go back to plex as you can switch off subtitles by default with that system 

Apr-12 2011 04:54 pm.
Alwin Pacheco

so, where are the subtitles saved on the boxee box? i've found information regarding this in the pc software, but nothing on the boxee's section. I just would love if it just keeps in the same movie folder (local files) with the same name. Or is there any hidden created folder on my hdd?

Apr-07 2011 08:49 pm.
Leo Elson

I was able to resolve the default Subtitle issue.  In another forum thread a user did the following and it worked for me:

1.  disable subtitles, save and return to menu.

2.  enable subtitles, save and return to menu.

3.  disable subtitles, save and return to menu.

Not sure why, but after doing it like that they subtitles do not pop up anymore by default.

Apr-02 2011 05:46 pm.
zach m

this is horrible, i can't stand having to manually disable subtitles every time i play a video, please fix this before i have to resort to putting this thing on ebay!

Mar-27 2011 01:28 am.
Dennis Grant

Another vote for either a global "disable subtitles" option that works, and/or a hotkey on the remote for disable/enable subtitles.

Feb-27 2011 11:27 am.
Leo Elson

I agree.  I kept unchecking Subtitles, yet every movie I started up I had to go turn it off.  Any ETA on a universal subtitle off option.  

Feb-17 2011 11:06 am.
Helvio Pichamone

Why don't I have the 'CC' icon? And 'Enable subtitles' check never sticks.

Jan-21 2011 03:14 pm.
Adi Atric

Add option to change subtitle with a font existing in a librabry from external HDD.

Jan-17 2011 05:38 am.
Robert Thwaites

CC logo is really misleading.  The word files you are downloading having nothing to do with Closed Captions.

Jan-05 2011 08:13 pm.
Ruy pena
Please change the subtitule font!!!
Dec-27 2010 01:04 am.

Please add more subtitle fonts, most important "Arial Narrow". Non english speaking users would appreciate this very much.

Dec-12 2010 02:42 am.
lee fuhr

Woah, there's no global setting to disable subtitles by default? Oh my, that seems silly, and it's surprising that 'enabled' is the default. So…


+1 to a global setting to en/dis-able subtitles

Dec-11 2010 05:14 pm.

The Arabic character set is not working, because of the fonts I guess. 

I also miss the online subtitles search :( 

Dec-10 2010 05:57 am.

The Arabic character set is not working, because of the fonts I guess. 

I also miss the online subtitles search :( 

Dec-10 2010 05:57 am.
Daniel Pepermans

Thanks for great software but subtitles definitely need to be set globally.

Dec-03 2010 04:15 pm.
Daren Baker

Second the request for a global setting to enable/disable subtitles. If nothing else, disable by default. I suspect the majority of movies are watched without subtitles, therefore disabling by default makes more sense than enabling.

Dec-02 2010 12:00 am.
David Rozman

I totally miss the option to change subtitles font! Now there is some Times New Roman font which is awful...

Nov-28 2010 11:08 am.
Gina Boehme

player action currently not supported .....what does this mean when i tried to check the subtitle box? how do i get the subtitle to work on any of my shows? csi is always cc on tv......this isnt suppose to be complicated!!

Nov-25 2010 08:16 am.
Teo Dela

Not really helpful. This isn't helpful for the Boxee Box. There are no subtitle selection settings for files like .sub that support 2 language subtitles.

Nov-23 2010 03:21 pm.
Gary Whittle

I agree that this having subtitles on of needs to be available in the standard settings not just when playing a movie

Nov-20 2010 04:45 pm.
Greg Patterson

There needs to be a global setting for whether subtitles are enabled by default.

Nov-18 2010 04:48 pm.

SSA/ASS format not enabled.

Nov-14 2010 06:02 am.