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Naming Conventions

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posted this on November 09, 2010 04:05 pm

Naming Conventions


How should I name my files so they will show up in the Movies or TV shows library?


After setting up your media sources Boxee will start to retrieve artwork and information, based on how your media files are named. There is a specific way you must name your movie files and your TV show episodes for the function to work correctly.

TV Shows

TV Shows´ file names usually consist of the shows name, the season (usually indicated by the letter "S", or just the number), the episode (usually indicated by the letter "E", or just the number), the episode´s title, and some more info regarding the quality and source of the file. Boxee currently supports the following types of naming conventions for TV shows. (double digits are required: S#E# will not work.)


  • The.Sopranos.S02E01.avi
  • Entourage.S05E01.avi


  • How.I.Met.Your.Mother.1x01.Pilot.avi
  • The.Office.02×02.stuff.avi

Note: Adding the series´ release year in the file will help resolve remakes and TV shows with similar names (please refer to to find the correct release year of the show)

Daily TV Shows
Show.Title.(YEAR) name.extension


  • conan.(2010).s2011e42.2011.03.30-Greg Kinnear.mkv


Boxee currently supports the following naming convention for movies:


  • Die.Hard.avi
  • Toy.Story.2.avi

Note: It is recommended that you add the movie´s release year for greater accuracy, especially when dealing with remakes. Title.(YEAR).extension


  • The.Day.the.Earth.Stood.Still.(1951).avi
  • The.Day.the.Earth.Stood.Still.(2008).avi

For multi-part movie both part# and cd# are supported. Title.part#.extension


  • Seven.Pounds.cd1.avi
  • Seven.Pounds.cd2.avi
  • The.Simpsons.Movie.part1.avi
  • The.Simpsons.Movie.part2.avi
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