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Adding Media Sources

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posted this on Nov-10 2010 12:41 am

Media sources are folders or drives Boxee looks through to identify and add media content to the Shows, Movies, Music, Photos and Files screens.

You can add as many sources to Boxee as you like from an attached hard drive, or from your network. You will need to make sure you have access to shared folders in the networked computer hosting the media you want to share. If the media source is on a Mac computer, you will need to define the share as SMB.

There are several ways by which you can get to adding a source in Boxee.

From the Home Screen select one of the following methods:

  1. Settings > File Sources > Add Sources, select the source you would like to add, select Add Source
  2. Settings > File Sources > Add Sources, go to the bottom of the list and select Manually Enter IP / Name...
    - Enter the Hostname or IP of the remote machine
    - Enter the Username and Password of the remote machine and select OK
    - Choose the drive, folder or file you would like to add and then select Add Source
    - NOTE: if you do not set a static IP for the source computer, the source might become unavailable when the IP address changes. For further reading on IP Addresses, and instructions on how to set a static IP address, read here.
  3. Files, select the source you would like to add, the select the "plus sign" in the upper right corner of your screen 

You will be presented with this screen (SETTINGS : FILE SOURCES):


Once here you can then:

  • Enter the SHARE NAME for your source (keep it simple so you can easily identify it later).
  • Review the SHARE LOCATION for correctness.
  • Check the source MEDIA TYPE (multiple selection is available for multiple media types in the source).
  • Choose TYPE OF SCANNING for how often or if  Boxee should scan your media:
    • PRIVATE (NEVER): If you don't want the content in the specific source scanned (read here for more details about privacy on Boxee).
    • ONCE : Boxee will scan this folder once when added, and never again.
    • DAILY : Boxee will check this folder for new content once a day for new content.
  • Click on the Add button
  • Done! Source added.

Once your content has been indexed or recognized by Boxee,  you will be able to locate your media in its appropriate location on Boxee (Movies / Shows /  Files). For more information on the scanning process and it's status, read here.

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