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Manual Tagging of Files

suggested this on Nov-18 2010 06:31 pm

Currently I can't determine a way, except through file browser, to assist in identifying multiple versions of the same movie. (Watchmen (theatrical), Watchmen (Directors Cut), Watchmen (Ultimate Cut)) Boxee find them all, and misrepresents some of them. One got identified as a swedish film. Similarly, I have several folders of the shorts from the Looney Tunes shows. The files are being horribly misidentified. One of the cartoons was identified as "10" (Bo Derek, Dudley Moore).   


1) Manual tagging of files

2) Manually adding "notes" or additional info on top of the retrieved info.

3) The ability to say "dont' scan this file so at the very least it doesn't show up misidentified in the thumbnail view.


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Ryan Shandruk

@John:  I agree wholeheartedly.  I too want more control over my meta-data. 

I also want to be able to load, and thus subsequently access, my home videos through the same type GUI as "Shows" and "Movies", so I don't have to show my 65-year-old parents how to use the file browser to watch videos of their grandchild.  This would also alleviate me having to use file names like this <2010-08-07_Riley_with_Hiccups_Plays_Peek-a-boo_with_G'Pa_S.MTS>.

Jan-25 2011 04:28 pm.
John McNulty

Can an option to manually edit meta info on a per file basis be added to the Identify dialog? Perhaps next to the (so far unused) "add parts" button on the confirmation screen. With this option we can select local thumbnails and correct IMDB's horrible horrible choice for thumbnails and movie extras meta info (behind the screens, making of, webisodes).

It might also be worth suggesting here the option to select from more than one (IMDB) service from which we may scrape meta info.

Jan-20 2011 04:44 pm.