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No Audio on Videos

Scott Beard
asked this on Dec-03 2010 09:46 pm

I am unable to get any videos to play audio. Everything else seems to work fine other than that. The Boxee menu sounds work fine, but when a video starts playing, i get video only. I am able to close boxee and open the file and the audio works great. Any help? I am running this on Windows 7 x32.


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Jeff Huckaby

some movies are fine, everything on line is fine, but most of my movies, mainly ones in mkv. are all static like something is not connected

Mar-30 2011 06:13 pm.
Dave Polcino

Since Boxee Box doesn't seem to come with much of a manual, I flipped around and found you have to set the Audio Out settings in System Prefs, in case anybody had the no audio issue like I just had after hooking it up first time

Mar-25 2011 08:30 pm.
Phil Look

With our new Boxee Box connected I also apparently lost audio after the first system update.  The boot up jingle sounded and one slection click thereafter, then no sound.  I tried different audio settings (All, Analog, HDMI) before I read Jim Schoen's Feb 27 contribution:  Use the up and down arrow buttons when not in a navigation mode (e.g. in a movie) and the Boxee volume adjustment ribbon appears!  I did feel silly.  Thanks Jim.

Mar-15 2011 09:24 am.
Pete Pedersen

I have the same issue, no sound. I do hear the sound when I turn boxee on, but no audio from any of the sources

Mar-09 2011 12:10 pm.
Jim Schoen

if you press the up button while a movie is playing, a volume slider pops up on the top right of the screen.  Keep pressing up and the Boxee volume goes up, press down and it goes down.  I don't know why they have a "hidden" volume control that seperate from the PC volume 

Feb-27 2011 05:28 pm.
Maneesh Pangasa

Just curious what user data folder? I have a 2009 MacBook Pro with audio issues in Boxee -- either get no audio for some videos or cracking/popping sounds -- Boxee startup sound works and sound works outside Boxee. 

Jan-07 2011 09:18 pm.
Jing Xu

Same problem. When I start up boxee, I hear sound. But when I play any video, no sound.

Dec-23 2010 02:06 pm.
Rodrigo Zannin

Same problem here. MKV files with no sound.

I tried deleting the userdata folder but it didn't work.

The audio on youtube featured videos on home screen are working.

I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.5 + Boxee

Dec-19 2010 09:52 am.
Amir Hasidim

Same problem here. When I turn Boxee on I get a small speaker icon on the main screen - nothing happens when I click on it and it disappears when I enter the 'Movies' 'TV Series' etc.

It's like the volume is set to almost 'Mute"

I deleted the 'Userdata' folder but it didn't help

Dec-08 2010 03:18 pm.
Scott Beard

Finally got it working by deleting the userdata folder

Dec-04 2010 08:46 am.