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Bring back marked as watched

Nicholas Wiersma
suggested this on Dec-08 2010 08:07

It would be really great if you could bring back the marked as watched button. I used it quiet alot for media i watched through the Files menu because boxee hadn't picked scanned it yet. It would also be great to be able to mark an entire season as unwatched, for when you want to re-watch a series.


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Justin Kent

I just set up my boxee box the other day and have been starting to mark movies as "watched". I'm a little confused though, is there a place to sort by watched/unwatched so I can see what I have yet to watch? if not what's the point of flagging things as watched? how does it differ from "watch later"?

Jan-06 2011 15:02.
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Peder Stray

Was a real bummer when I bought the boxee-box and noticed that this feature wasn't there anymore for the shows. I see its there for movies, but please bring it back for shows too... And please bring back the 'watch next' popup too.

Dec-30 2010 19:50.