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That MythTV LiveTV plugin

suggested this on Dec-11 2010 06:19 am

Hi all,

I think many boxee users are former/current users of MythTV, and, like me, are missing MythTV's ability to show Live TV content.

I believe this kind of content could be treated as some kind of "On Line" content too, with the TV channels shown inside a Boxee App perhaps. This way, one could select a channel and then the Boxee would connect to the MythTV server, ask it for the stream for that channel and start playing.

I know that sounds probably far more simple than an actual implementation would be, but given the power of the Boxee Box (light years ahead of my old, but still fully operational, MythTV hardware) I think this is, at least, doable. Wish I was myself capable of that!.


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dave medland-slater

This would be excellent

Jan-03 2011 08:36 pm.