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how to get to the app page

bobby pendleton
asked this on Dec-22 2010 08:50 pm

i cant add a app called vudu


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Francisco Piedra

I can't find apps, and vudu app.

Mar-02 2011 10:07 pm.
michael swanson

I still cant find vudu app for boxee even if I go to rent a movie on my pc from vudu no app automatically downloads!??? How the heck do I watch movies from vudu on my pc windows??

Jan-21 2011 02:50 am.
Josh Woods

I figured out that you need to search for a movie that would be on vudu, then select it and vudu will be installed automatically.

Jan-19 2011 01:47 pm.
Jan Black

VUDU is not an option that is available on Boxee????

Jan-07 2011 09:52 pm.