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I can`t login into my Boxee Box using my boxee login name and password

Gary Burditt
asked this on Jan-14 07:44 pm

I can`t login into my Boxee Box using my boxee login name and password.

When I enter them, I get a login failed 

Please help me solve this problem


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Daniel Palmer

I see lots of problems listed on the Boxee Support page, but not very many answers.  Is anyone actually looking at these ???

Jun-13 2011 05:19 pm.
jared fremlin

Hi. Having the same problem. Can't log in on the box, website logs in fine. 


Anyone get a fix for this yet? I just bought this, and am ready to return it.

Jun-12 2011 05:22 pm.
Rasmus Pedersen

I have exactly the same problem, but how to solve it and when?


Jun-06 2011 05:08 pm.
Hammad Abuiseifan


I have the same problem. Each time I try to login I have to create a new user. 

Further more I downloaded a new sw yesterday which I have to say is not as good as the precious 0.9x release.

Apr-24 2011 07:07 am.
Jawaid Chaudhry


I have just downloaded the software but I am failed to login however I have no problem getting login on the website of Boxee !!!


Please help

Mar-28 2011 12:40 pm.
rob schraer

im having the same problem i can log into the website no prob but not my boxee app. It was working great for the longest time then all of a sudden it wont let me log in anymore. I saw a post that said the app had a problem with passwords that didnt start with a letter so i changed my password but its still not working. Ive completely uninstalled and reinstalled it and that worked for a day then the next day it was right back to not working. 

Mar-03 2011 08:55 am.