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JIRA Guidelines

marcel hass
posted this on Jan-17 06:41 am

Welcome to our guidelines regarding creation of JIRA issues.

JIRA issues are central to the development processes for all our products here in Boxee. We get issues submitted from many different sources: from inside the development teams, from customers, and of course directly from you. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to submit issues, as your feedback helps us to continually improve Boxee.

Filing effective issues is incredibly important. The more accurate details there are in each issue, the more efficiently we can deal with it, and the more likely it is that the issue will be resolved sooner. The following steps will assist you in filing effective issues.

Did you come to the right place?

We maintain this instance of JIRA to track reproducible bugs and improvement requests.

Search for duplicates

With a large collection of improvement requests, and bugs reported, chances are that your issue has been logged already.

Before filing a new issue, try searching for some of the key words in your issue. Or, if you can identify the relevant component (e.g. "Playback Format and Quality", or "Web Browser"), try drilling down on the issues found there.

If you find that someone else has already filed a very similar issue, vote for the existing issue instead of creating a new one. You can also add a comment to the issue, if you have some information that would help us resolve it faster or can describe the issue in more detail.

Don't comment in issues that have been closed

Please don't comment in closed issues. If an issue similar to yours is marked as closed, but you're still experiencing a problem with it, please create a new issue and provide a link to the original one. This will help us evaluate whether it is in fact the same problem, or actually a new issue with some of the same symptoms.

Choose the appropriate project

Please file your issue in the project that matches the product you are using.
At there are several projects.

Use project for Boxee related issues.

Use project for Boxee third party applications issues.

Pick a good summary

When we're looking through lists of lots of issues, the summaries are essential in helping us to understand what an issue is about. This means that you should err in favor of putting too much information in the summary, rather than too little. Some examples:

Write a detailed description

When filing a Bug

There's a very simple, universal formula for bug reports. Every bug report must include:

1. Detailed steps to reproduce
2. What you expected to happen
3. What happened instead

The steps to reproduce should be written in terms that a monkey could follow: "Create a new File Source called 'Movies'. Set the Media Type as Video. Set the Type of Scanning as Daily. Click the 'Ok' button."

When filing an Improvement request

Tell us why you want the improvement. Knowing why somebody wants something done is almost as important as knowing what they want. By knowing why somebody wants a certain improvement, we can deliver a better solution than they'd even thought of, or we can aggregate a bunch of related requests into an über-solution that makes everyone happy.

If you found an existing open improvement and you are keen to have this improvement implemented, please Comment and Vote for it.

Choose a component

Every JIRA issue can be placed in one or more components. Most issues belong to one component; more than two should be avoided. The component is the second most important part of the issue after the summary, in terms of helping us quickly understand what the issue is about. 

If you can't find an appropriate component for your issue, please pick the closest one that almost matches.

Set the "Build Number" and "Operating System"

When reporting a bug, please select the build version of the product you were using where you encountered the bug. This helps us track down the bug, and it also helps us identify who else might be affected by it.

If you are using version 0.9 of a product, please select just 0.9 (not 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 and 1.1). If you know and want to point out that a bug already existed in 0.9, and still occurs in version 1.0, then please select 0.9 and 1.0, but not all the others in between.

Set the priority

We have four priority levels. You can set an initial priority on the basis of how the bug affects you. Please use this list as a reference

  • Blocker: Critical malfunction regressions or server issues which severely affect most of the users. Examples of blocker bugs:
    • "Cannot log into Boxee application"
    • "Cannot play any YouTube video anymore"
  • Critical:Crashes, loss of data, severe playback issues. Examples of critical bugs:
    • "Playing local MKV files is crashing Boxee"
    • "Shutdown button does not closes Boxee."
  • Major:Major loss of function. Examples of major bugs
    • "Wifi is not working when a USB Disk On Key is inserted"
    • "Manual resolve a movie does not bring any results for one word movie name"
  • Minor:Minor loss of function, general annoyance, or other problem where easy workaround is present. Examples of minor bugs:
    • "Pop-up menu UI is not so smooth in 1080p vs 720p"
    • "Weather application hourly forecast is showing daily forecast data"

We may increase or decrease an issue's priority in accordance with the relative priorities of other issues.


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marcel hass

please contact and they will assist you ..

Jun-20 2011 03:09 am.
John Bamford

I am sitting here unable to connect to Netflix...there is no support number to call...pathetic

Jun-19 2011 11:47 pm.
User photo
Christoffer Nielsen

My boxee box works fine before the new update. But it will have a new update so i did. It startet to opdate but it suddenly stop. And now it stuck on loading screen and the logo on the box flashes red 3 times and green 1 and then repeats its self. And when i trying to reset it by holding the power butten down for 5 sec. It just shows the yellow logo on the box and the loading screen on the tv. Help please.

and now when i trying to start it, it stuck on the loading screen, and i can´t du anything. and if i trying to reset itby holding the power butten on box down for 5 sec. it just show the yellow icon on the box, but it still stuck at the loading. but its not flashing red and green anymore. this is a weird little box!!!

where can i get some help ?  

May-21 2011 06:46 am.