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Linux: Boxee will not start?

marcel hass Jun 23, 2009

Most of the problems that you encounter with slow display or OpenGL related errors are because you do not have the proper display drivers installed.
There are several different ways to install the latest drivers but we are focusing on the following:

The Ubuntu Way

For NVidia drivers follow the guide here:

For ATI drivers follow the guide here:

For Intel it is simpler since the drivers are shipped with Ubuntu and are usually pre-installed. You need to make sure that you use the newer 'intel' driver and not the older 'i810' driver or the 'vesa' driver. This could be verified by checking the 'Driver' value in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

Using Envy

Download a tool called Envy it will help you setup the proper display drivers it should contain the versions of the drivers. Please follow the guide at

Verify OpenGL

Once you have your drivers in place, you need to make sure that OpenGL is properly configured.
Run the following command:

# glxinfo | grep -i direct

The result should be:

direct rendering: Yes

If the result, is No, it means that the display driver is not properly configured.

Also, you can run the command glxgears and you should see the wheels turning smoothly.


Make sure Compiz visual effects is disabled. You can do this by going to System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects. Make sure "None" is selected.


Some hardware requires vsync to be disabled. You can do this by editing ~/.boxee/UserData/guisettings.xml, and changing "vsync" value to 0.

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