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How much does Boxee cost? Are there monthly fees involved?

boxee tv Jun 29, 2009

You can download Boxee free of charge, and the idea is to keep it that way. We have no intention of selling the application for money.
Also, most of the content on Boxee is currently free as well. However, you should know that since Boxee is open source, some content providers which do charge for their shows and movies also create applications for Boxee, to enable Boxee users access to their content.

With Boxee you can watch shows and movies from Comedy Central, CNN, CBS and others for free (just as you can do directly on their websites, which some also include commercials), but if you want to watch movies through the Netflix service, or watch live baseball games from MLB, you should know that these services involve a subscription for a monthly fee, which is directly arranged with the content provider, and not with Boxee.

For a partial list of the content providers available on Boxee click here.



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