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Who is Avner?

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posted this on Jun-30 2009 07:59 am

Avner is Boxee's co-founder and CEO, and in earlier releases everyone using Boxee was following him by default. Avner was the first Boxee user you followed, so you could see how Boxee's social features worked.

You can stop following Avner at any time, just as you can with any other user on Boxee.

Note that as long as you don't follow anyone else, even though you've removed Avner from your list, you will still see some of his activity in your Boxee home screen, since it's a "global" activity feed for people not following anyone on Boxee.

Once you've started following other people, their activity will gradually "push" Avner's activity out until you don't see it anymore.

The newest versions of Boxee no longer have you following Avner by default.


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Steve Hoge

Yeah, this really blows.  I can't get rid of Avner's spam because he's not in the list of people I'm following - I'm not following ANYBODY.

Do I actually have to close my account and start a new one to get this stuff removed?  I looked around in ~/Library/Application Support/BOXEE and couldn't find any entires for this info - buried in some .db file?

And anyway, isn't there a way to reconfigure my Boxee Home page so there's no Feed - a featue I'll never use - showing?

This thing is SO not read for prime time.  Unbelievable that somebody's paying for a piece of h/w just to run this.


Nov-17 2010 12:36 pm.
Boxee Help

The newest versions of Boxee no longer default to you following Avner.

Thank-you for letting us know about this topic not being up-to-date.

Topic updated.

Jun-08 2010 03:00 pm.
kelly gibbs

BTW the post is OVER A YEAR OLD!!!!!!!! What happened to "in a few months"???

May-27 2010 09:39 pm.
kelly gibbs

"We know that this is quite irritating, so we are redesigning this whole feature towards our beta release in a few months."

It's damn irritating. I dont want any of the social features at all, ever. I want to completely hide it and get the screen real estate back for browsing my own files or internet video sites. 

May-27 2010 09:38 pm.
buzz ra

I agree with Dane. Who gives a rip what other people are watching? HOW DO I TURN OFF ALL SOCIAL INTERACTION IN BOXEE!? I do not even want to see the 'global' stuff  when I access the website.

Jan-13 2010 01:12 pm.
Nachtelf Irokese

I unfollowed Avner, but get still recommendations from Boxee, even though I have now only my friends in my follow-list. I don't know how this "gradually pushing away"-thing should work, but for me it's already some weeks and I still get the recommendations, that I don't want. I especially agree with Simon that it is irritating to get recommendations about stuff I can't watch in my country. It's even more irritating to get recommendations from someone, who doesn't share my taste. There are Videos and Music I don't want in my Boxee, not even as a recommendation thubnail.

Dec-02 2009 09:16 am.
Jeffrey Blank

Whats itrritating is for a web site to say you can unfollow Avner, but if you do a Search for How to Unfollow Avner or Someone, it says"No results". If you are going to say you can do something, how about saying how to do it, not hide the instructions. Common sense people.

Nov-15 2009 01:31 pm.
Simon Harrison

"This isn't really that irritating."

Actually, when all Avner recommends is stuff on Hulu and other American stuff which we can't get over here in the UK, yes it is very irritating. I though "Ooh! Star Trek - the original sreies, I'll have some of that."

But alas, no.

I've 'unfollowed' him now. Perhaps I'm too old (at 39!), but I find the whole 'social' internet thing  (facebook, twitter, blah, blah,) a bit boring. I'd just as soon go and talk to someone.

Nov-06 2009 07:11 am.
Dane Udenberg

Personally, I'd like to be able to shut off the entire following thing and have no recommendations.  Not to be anti-social...I just don't give a rip what anybody else wants to watch...and I don't care to have my family see some of the movie posters that would appear.  Is there a way to just completely shut off all the following and recommendations and completely blank-out that area, including any leftovers from the default following, or has that issue been resolved yet?  Thanks.

Oct-30 2009 10:04 am.
Derek Gillespie

I removed him once I found the app box.

Sep-04 2009 03:04 pm.
Bill Payne

"We know that this is quite irritating, so we are redesigning this whole feature towards our beta release in a few months."

This isn't really that irritating.

Aug-26 2009 10:38 pm.