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Explaining "Following"

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posted this on Jul-01 2009 05:27 am

When you follow people on Boxee, it means you will be able to see their activity (when they publish it) in the Feed section on the Home Screen and on your Boxee website under Friends Activity. If you follow Avner, for example, you will see which movies and TV shows he's been watching, which albums he's been listening to and many other things. Avner will also be able to recommend cool stuff to you, so you will be able to enjoy it too. To see who follows you on Boxee, click here.

In simple words, people who follow you will be able to see what you do on Boxee (when you publish/share it) and you will be able to recommend things to them. You will see the activity of people you follow and unless they follow you as well, you will not be able to recommend anything to them, nor will they see your activity.

In even simpler words:

  • You are my follower = you can see what I do.
  • I follow you = I can see what you do.
  • A follower can get recommendations from people he follows, but he can't recommend to them (unless they follow him too).

Read more on how to start following someone, how to stop following and how to prevent others from following you.

Soon! Privacy Mode

Very soon we will implement a privacy mode, which allows you to restrict who follows you. Your profile will be protected, and your approval will be requested any time someone asks to start following you. Only approved followers will be able to see your Boxee activity and get your recommendations.

Does all this sound familiar?

It's no secret that we really like the "following" model applied by Twitter and did our best to "follow" its guidelines.

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