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Regional settings in Boxee

boxee tv Jul 02, 2009

Boxee has different regional settings, influencing on many things, starting with the interface or subtitles language and ending with the weather you get when opening the Boxee menu.

Here is a short explanation on (almost) everything that has to do with your region on Boxee. Why almost? Because one thing this post doesn't deal with is geo-restricted content on Boxee, which you can read all about right here.

Setting Region

The region setting is available under Settings > Appearance > Region. This setting defines how you will see the clock and temperature at the bottom of the Boxee menu.

  • USA (default value) - Boxee will present temperature in F and a 12 hour clock.
  • Australia - temp. in C and a 24 hour clock.
  • UK (24hr) - temp. in C and a 24 hour clock.
  • UK (12hr) - temp. in C and a 12 hour clock.
  • Central Europe - temp. in C and a 24 hour clock.
  • Canada - temp. in C and a 12 hour clock.

Sounds stupid? You are absolutely right! You will be happy to know that in one of our future versions, we will make this whole setting much clearer and user-friendly.

Where do you live?

Another place to tell Boxee where you are located is under Settings > Appearance > Weather. This is where you tell Boxee exactly where you live, so that the weather info presented in the menu accurately represents the weather outside your climate-nicely-controled living room. Just type in the name of your city or a US zip-code, and select the correct option from the cities' list.

Note that the Weather Channel Boxee App also retrieves your city information from this setting, although you can set your city separately in the apps settings as well.

Language settings

The Boxee interface is currently in English, Spanish* and Hebrew* only, although the settings windows come in many other languages as well.

To set the interface language, go to Settings > Appearance > Region > Language and set to the desired language.

Note that in case you are trying to use Boxee in a non-latin language, you might need to set to an appropriate character set too.

By the way, we are kinda counting on you, yes you, to help us translate Boxee into more languages. If you control one of the langauges Boxee wasn't translated to yet, you are more than welcome to contact us and offer your services. We will honor you with a lifelong seat in our credits window.

* Spanish and Hebrew are examples of translations done by Boxee users, and some screens or buttons may show up in English due to changes made in the most recent version.

Subtitles language

To present subtitles in Boxee, you will need to change the default character set for your subtitles, in case you are watching movies subtitled with special characters on a regular basis.

Before playing a movie, go to Settings > Videos > Subtitles and choose the appropriate language under Charset.

Start playing the movie, and load the subtitles (whether from a locally stored file, or by clicking on the Subtitles button in the playback OSD) and you should be fine.



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doronoa doronoa

Is there a way to tell Boxee what language of subtitles it should automatically search for?

I only searches and fetches Hebrew subtitles for me and I want English ones.



Mar-09 2010 17:10.
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