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Adult content blocking

boxee tv Jul 16, 2009

Boxee allows you to filter out feeds and applications containing adult content. To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Boxee menu > Settings > Appearance > View Options.
  2. Check the Hide adult feeds and applications options.
  3. Click on Set adult content lock... and type in a password.

Now, if someone will try to change the setting, and disable the adult filter, this password will be needed to complete the action.



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Darrin Blankenship

And if you don't recall ever setting a password and Boxee keeps telling you "Incorrect Password"?

Jan-08 2010 20:45.
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Randy Winbush

I had the same problem. Here's how to remove the password so that you can reset it.

1. Open the following file in WordPad or something. C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\BOXEE\userdata\profiles.xml  Obviously put your username in there and you may also have to go to the Folder options and check "Show Hidden Files" in order to see the AppData folder in the first place.

2. Look for the profile section that has your Boxee user name in the <id></id> element.  You should also see an element called <lockadult>. change it to false.  then find <adultlockcode></adultlockcode> and remove whatever is in there. 

3. Restart boxee and then you can go set a new password.


Feb-03 2010 04:24.
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