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Problems with TV video on Ubuntu version

Alexa Harter
asked this on Mar-15 09:36 am

I am trying to build myself a boxee box.  I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.4 on an old machine with a nvidia geforce 8500 GT.  I installed the nvidia drivers, libvdpau1, and then boxee.  When I try to stream video from most of the TV sources (comedy central, NBC, ABC, etc) I get a blank screen.  1080p streaming works through every other application - YouTube, Hulu, Firefox, etc.

I browsed the forums, and based on the advice there I tried disabling flash graphics acceleration (did nothing), using the alternate nvidia drivers (crashed my machine), and changing screen resolution (did nothing).  I even reinstalled ubuntu and tried starting over, but got the same results.

Any ideas?  I love the boxee interface, but I'm out of ideas.