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Send your UserData to Boxee Support

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posted this on Jul-01 2009 08:12

When you encounter a problem with Boxee, at times it will have to do with something going wrong with one of the files in your UserData. One thing you can do is just to delete the entire UserData folder. However, if you want to help make Boxee better, and maybe even prevent such naughty behavior by Boxee in the future, why don't you send your UserData to us and have us take a look at it?

OK, I'll send you the UserData folder. How do I do that?

Since there are many files inside your UserData that might be the source of the problem you are experiencing, we would like you to send almost the entire folder to us. Why almost? Because there are files we certainly do not need, and those are the files that make the UserData folder quite a large one (sometimes too large to just send to us by email within a reasonable time).

So before sending us the folder, please delete the thumnail files from there.

  1. Go to your UserData folder:
    1. Linux: ~/.boxee/UserData/
    2. Mac OS/X: ~/Library/Application Support/BOXEE/UserData/
    3. AppleTV: ~/Library/Application\ Support/BOXEE/UserData/
    4. Windows Vista: C:\Users\<windows user name>\AppData\Roaming\BOXEE\userdata\
    5. Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<your windows user name>\Application Data\BOXEE\userdata\
  2. Go to Profiles and then on each of the profiles open the Thumbnails folder and delete its contents.

The next step would be bundling all the contents of your UserData folder in a single file, to simplify sending it to us. The best way to do that is by compressing it to a *.zip or *.rar file using a dedicated 3rd party tool (Stuffit Expander is a nice free tool for both Windows and Mac).

When done, you should have a single compressed file containing your UserData folder, which you can attach to your ticket when reporting your problem to Boxee Support. Please also state your username, so that we can try and recreate your problem at our labs.

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