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App Box


The App Box allows you to easily extend the functionality of boxee via a simple click and install interface. Note: this feature is currently in testing and may change drastically :)

New Applications

This is a listing of the applications available for installation through your repositories.

My Applications

This is a listing of the applications your system currently has installed

My Feeds

Here you can manually add your own feeds.


This is the listing of repositories that your system will provide applications to install from

Installing New Applications

Installing new applications is really easy.

  1. Open the App Box
  2. Choose "New Applications" from the top menu
  3. Below, several boxes representing applications that are available for installation will appear
  4. Navigate to the desired application and select it
  5. Choose "OK" to install the application
  6. You're done! Go watch stuff

Removing Applications

Removing applications is just as easy as installing them

  1. Open the App Box
  2. Choose "My Applications"
  3. Navigate to the application you wish to uninstall and select it
  4. Choose "Remove Application" to remove the application

Adding Repositories

Repositories allow you to extend your available options of applications you can install. By default, the "Boxee Official Repository" is installed on your system. The following steps can help you add a new repository.

  1. Open the App Box
  2. Choose "Repositories"
  3. Click on "Add Repository"
  4. Type the address of the repository
    1. e.g.

Known Repositories

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I figured they should at least be available somewhere

Publisher Website App Repository
Boxee HQ
Simon Vuille
Jake Marsh
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