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With the new #boxee channel open on, we want to make sure everyone knows how to use irc for support and general chat.

Already set up on IRC? Come join us! irc://

Don't have an IRC client? Try the Boxee IRC Web Client

Where to find IRC clients

Popular GUI Clients


When you launch XChat for the first time, the "Network List" window is displayed. Choose a nickname, or two. You don't have to enter in your real name if you don't want to.

In the networks section scroll down and select "FreeNode", then click "Edit".

With the edit window open check "Auto connect to this network as startup". In the "Channels to join" box enter in "#boxee" without the double quotes. Then click "Close"

Check off "Skip network list on startup" if you don't want to see this window again then click "Connect". If all goes well you'll be in the channel in a few seconds!

Congrats! Your now on IRC! Aren't you the tech geek!


Its almost identical for mIRC as it is with XChat, save for the placement of your options.

At first launch the "mIRC Options" are displayed. Under the "Connect" node enter a nickname and an alternative. Again, you don't need a real name or email address if you don't want to.

Select "Connect->Servers" and set the following:

  • Description: FreeNode
  • IRC Server:
  • Ports: 6667

Click "OK" then "Select" to set FreeNode as your default server

Select "Connect->Options" and set the following:

  • Check: "Connect on startup"
  • Click "Perform" and in the text field type: "/join #boxee" without the quotes.

Go back to "Connect" and click "Connect"

Congrats! Your now on IRC!



Join us

So come join us in the channel. Our fact bot "boxefaq", yes thats one 'e' , has been set up to assist anyone who wants to take advantage and help others. It's still learning new facts. You can help us build its knowledge base by suggesting new ones in the channel.

For a complete howto on using our fact bot type "!help" once in the #boxee channel.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit for help, help others in need, or just idle and help us build the a better boxee community!

Questions? Feel free to message any #boxee operator (@) and ask away!

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