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Boxee is working on Arch as of November 7th, reported here. Compatibility with current builds is unknown.

Note: Boxee on arch is not officially supported by Boxee or XBMC, the forums are your best bet for help.

Known Issues

  • Hulu and some other sites do not work due to differing toolchains and libraries for flashplayer[1]

x64 Specific Issues

  • 64bit compilation is broken and fails with this error:
FileCurl.cpp: In member function ‘void XFILE::CFileCurl::SetCommonOptions(XFILE::CFileCur l::CReadState*)’:
FileCurl.cpp:385: error: call of overloaded ‘easy_setopt(XCURL::CURL_HANDLE*&, XCURL::CURLoption, NULL)’ is ambiguous

A fix is documented here
Even with the patch it still fails to compile, others have had success using the x32 binaries on Ubuntu x64 if the appropriate libraries are installed. The success of this method on Arch is unreported.

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