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social stuff

how do I know if my friends are online?

boxee likes to keep it nice and simple, go to Profile under each one of your friends there is an indication status. green dot represents they're online ready and waiting for your recommendations, whilst a red dot represents they're currently offline.

how can I add a friend on boxee?

for the moment, you can add friends via boxee's website adding friends page > Add Friends . search for existing boxee users, or invite your friends who are not using boxee yet, by sending them a boxee alpha invitation to their email address.

what are the recommendations i see on the home screen?

what makes boxee unique is the option to send and receive recommendations from friends as well as from the boxee service .all recommendations you receive are displayed on the home screen for easy reading.your friends can recommend to you almost any media they play on boxee, including: movies, TV shows, music albums,, shoutcast stations, videos from YouTube and much more.

what is the friends activity on the home screen?

the friends activity shows all recent actions made by your friends. users who follow you on boxee will see your actions on their friends activity. the actions that are being shared with friends include watching a movie, listening to music and rating items.

streaming videos from the Internet or anything X-rated is not shared with your friends, unless you explicitly recommend it (saying that you love it or hate it).

what happens when I rate something?

whenever you rate something (saying that you love it or hate it) will be seen by your friends on their Friends Activity via the home screen or on your profile page. you can also go to the boxee's website and configure boxee to update services such as Twitter, FriendFeed and Tumblr.

how do I recommend videos/music to my friends?

to recommend a media item (video or music) to a friend click the "Play/Pause" button on your boxee remote while you're playing the video/music, and choose "Recommend" . check the friend(s) to whom you'd like to recommend the media item to, and click "Recommend".

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