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Hardware Requirements

Boxee can probably run on anything, but the things that it will run well on:

  • x86 (32-bit Intel/AMD processor) based system running at 1.0GHz or greater
  • 512MB System RAM or more

Apple Systems

These system have been known to function well with Boxee

  • Apple TV (at 720p)
  • Intel Mac Mini (Intel-CPU/Intel-Graphics based)
  • Intel Mac Mini (Intel-CPU/NVIDIA-Graphics based)

Video Card

Graphics controller/card/adapter and device drivers capable of

  • OpenGL 1.4 (+ GLSL) or better
  • 32-bit colors or more

Software Requirements

Boxee currently runs on the following systems:

  • Mac OS X > 10.4 (Intel processor based only)
  • Linux (recommended Ubuntu > 8.04)
  • Windows XP or Vista (Windows 7 is not yet supported)
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