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i tried to download boxee and install failed?

99.99% of the times downloading and installing new applications everything is fine, but there is a chance that due to certain users configurations / settings / applications etc. a file might get corrupted. if this happens we recommend trying to download again and see if this fixes the problem, if once again it does not work please contact support.

do I need administrative permissions to download and install boxee?

boxee does not require any administrative privileges to install it, if you are still having any problems please contact support.

how do I start boxee?


after installation a boxee icon is installed under Applications (Finder > Application, the cute green thing). you can either click on the boxee icon or use your Mac remote and click on the "menu" button.

how do I minimize the boxee (or switch to another application while boxee is running)?

you'll have to have a keyboard connected to your Mac. pressing "Tab" or "\" will toggle between full screen and regular window mode. there is also the option for running boxee always in "windowed" mode: Settings > Appearance > Screen > Resolution and change to "Window".

how do I change boxee's resolution?

go to Settings > Appearance > Screen to adjust boxee's screen resolution as well as modify boxee's appearance to suit your needs.

boxee has so many features, and the Mac remote has only 6 buttons. how do I use it?

"play/pause" button - used to select

"menu" button - to go back to the previous screen

"+", "-", "<<", ">>" buttons - used for navigating up, down, left and right

that's it. took us a while to make sure all the features are accessible using these buttons. please refer to our Mac remote page for further information.

how do i stop, pause a video, music that is currently playing?

while you're playing video or music clicking "play/pause" on the remote will bring a on-screen-display menu with an option to Stop, Pause, Rewind, etc.

in case you're on a different screen you'll have to go to the "Now Playing" bar on the top-right corner of the screen.

that will take you back to the video/music screen in which you can press "play/pause" on the remote and Stop or Pause the video/music.

can i change the boxee "skin"?

the Alpha version of boxee has only a single skin available, however, in future versions you will have an option to change the skin.

how do I know which version of boxee I have?

you can check which version you're running by going to Settings > General.

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