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Channel Guidelines

  • avoid leet speak, sms shorthand and morse code at all cost. '80X33 !5 4\/\/350/V\3' is not cool, its annoying and hard to read.
  • flooding the channel = a bad idea, use a pastebin
  • trolling and flaming are not allowed in the boxee channel.
  • off-topic chat is ok when channel traffic is slow, if people are trying to get help for actual boxee issues, please move it to a private chat.
  • be courteous when asking for help
  • don't say 'can someone help me with boxee?', just ask your question.

failure to follow any of these guidelines can get you kicked or temporarily banned from the channel. constantly disobeying the operators and these guidelines can get you permanently banned by your host address. no one wants this so please be courteous and follow the rules ;)

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