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why are your texts all written in lower-case?

it is our one and only corporate policy, but we're having a hard time complying with it, which makes our stuff a bit inconsistent. please let us know if you find stuff on the site that is Capitalized. we'll give it the highest priority to fix it.

if you're offended by our lack of adherence to proper grammar rules then we sincerely apologize.

which languages does boxee support?

boxee's user interface is currently in English only. we hope to offer other languages in the near future. if you wish, you can view some of the headers and buttons in other languages, to do so, go to Settings > Appearance > Region and choose the desired language.

can i invite my friends to boxee?

sure! the more the merrier. go to, and use the e-mail field under Invite Friends to send them an invite. currently we do not limit the number of invites sent this way, however this might change in the future.

please refer to our adding friends page for further information.

Platform Specific


i have a Linux machine. can i download boxee?

boxee is available for Ubuntu Linux versions 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and 8.04 (Hardy Heron). please sign up at, and we'll send you an invite.


i have a Mac. can i download boxee?

if you have Intel Mac OS 10.4+ then this is your lucky day. sign up at and we'll send you an invite as soon as they're available, or find a friend with boxee, and ask them to add you as a friend - we currently do not limit the number of invites sent by our existing users.

Apple TV

What do I do if my Apple remote stops working?

Due to the way that AppleTV settings overrides the entire system's sleep mode, you need to turn that off in order for boxee and XBMC to not lose control of the remote, at this time in our alpha.

Until this is patched, you need to disable the screen saver in the Apple TV (not boxee!) menu, before launching boxee, or you will hear the remote "beep" but never regain control of it while in boxee or XBMC after the Apple TV screen saver times out.

In the future, you can update your boxee software (which should fix this) on AppleTV by going to the Boxee menu, then hitting update button. I'm sure our main man Tom will let us know when the fix is avail.

Here's how to disable your screen saver on Apple TV within the original Apple UI:

1. Power on Apple TV or exit Boxee / XBMC
2. Press "-" remote down all the way until you get to settings
3. Press ">" Play to get to the right side of the screen
4. Press "-" down to Screensaver
5. Press ">" Play to select Screensaver mode
6. Change timeout to never by pressing the ">" Play button
7. Hit the Menu button to exit back
8. Load boxee
9. (Boxee can use any one of its screen savers)

There ya have it. I just wanted to get this out here, until we can get new code out to fix the remote control wake up issue on the Apple TV!


i have a PC. can i download boxee?

currently boxee is only available for Mac and Linux users, however please contact us or sign up at, and we'll notify you when a boxee for Windows becomes available.

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