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boxee has just launched it's community forums for alpha users to discuss features, bugs, ideas or life in general. you’re all welcome to join the discussion.


getting started

what is boxee?

boxee is a social media center. with boxee you can play videos, music and pictures from your PC or from the Internet. you can also share with your friends what albums you're listening to, what movies and TV shows you're watching, send recommendations and more.

boxee is designed to work with a remote control (it looks great on a big screen TV), but you can also control it using your keyboard.

once installed boxee will start scanning your local Movies, Music and Pictures folders automatically. boxee will attempt to bring artwork, reviews, cast, etc. for your media, so browsing your library becomes more useful and fun than looking at a list of files.

boxee is based on the best media center on the planet, xbmc.

should I download boxee?

boxee is currently in alpha testing, which means it still has lots of bugs, crashes and some usability issues.

if you are a it-crashed-during-my-favorite-scene-of-Dirty-Dancing-2-cry-baby then maybe you want to wait for the beta version.. :)

on the other hand.

if you're into trying new stuff. if you have lots of movies, tv shows, music and photos. if you connect your laptop to the TV (or better yet have a Mac Mini) then you should download boxee

User Guide

We're still in Alpha release, however, click here to read or contribute to the Boxee User Guide.

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