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support issues

i forgot my password to boxee?

please contact support and we'll get back to you ASAP.

how do i report a bug?

exterminating bugs is one the most important thing we do.

if and when you come across a bug please contact support .

be sure to check out the general boxee help forum to see if anyone else has reported the issue.

can i suggest new features?

sure! boxee has just released its first alpha version to the world and so we are more than happy to hear from you guys and gals on how we can improve the user experience. please feel free to send us any suggestions however large or small to contact support.

how do i uninstall boxee?

go to Applications and delete boxee. then go to your home directory > Library > Application Support and delete the boxee folder. the last thing you need to do is go to your home directory > Library > LaunchAgents and delete all the files that begin with the name tv.boxee... and then restart your mac.

it would be much appreciated if you could drop us an email and let us know why you chose to uninstall boxee.

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